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Nata’s Corner April 16

So far, all we're seeing on the airstrip below us are normal radio-controlled planes. But if I ever see a drone, I'm breaking out the shotgun. There's gotta be a law against people like this. The funny part is that considering Facebook has... more

Kudos & Milestones April 16

Kudos: BrianEsser is a "novice C# programmer" who was trying to rewrite some code for his Windows 7 computer, and got help from robberbaron: Sure do appreciate EE and their Experts 100% SOLVED. Learned a ton in the process. Thanks! Five... more

What is Heartbleed?

This piece was submitted by the new CIO of Experts Exchange, Gene Richardson. What Is Heartbleed? "Heartbleed" is the nickname for a vulnerability disclosed on April 7th, 2014 by security researchers. Hundreds of thousands of websites and... more

Kudos & Milestones April 3

Kudos Thanks to aikimark, who came to the aid of JohnRobinAllen, who was trying to figure out how to clear a VBA collection. The solution included a link tomatthewspatrick's article on using the Dictionary class: Aikimark's solution is... more

Nata’s Corner April 3

I saw it on the Internet so it must be true. Just in time for all of you Windows XP users who are still in denial, Microsoft has announced that it is going to produce a version of Microsoft Office for the iPad. The bad news is that it's not... more