Kudos & Milestones July 2014

New Prodigy: Sembee2 has reached the 5,000,000 point level in Exchange Server. During three different careers at EE, he has earned over 35,383,514 points (second all time), including 25,495,839 in Exchange, making him one of just two EE members with... read full post

Nata’s Corner: July 2014

We spent about a month in the Midwest with family, but for some reason, the tech world decided to keep on doing things while we were away from home — and it didn’t even ask for permission. One of the biggest things that happened, at... read full post

June Kudos & Milestones

Lifetime Members: Three members of Experts Exchange have earned membership in the Five-Million Point Club, earning them lifetime memberships at Experts Exchange. They are carl_tawn, mark_wills and JDettman. New Geniuses: Three members of Experts... read full post