Kudos & Milestones: May 2015

New Five Million Point Club Members: Congratulations to the two latest members of the Experts Exchange Five Million Point Club: breadtan and strung! Milestones: New Savant: slightwv, a 2014 Most Valuable Expert, has earned 10,000,000 points in... read full post

Nata’s Corner: May 2015

There’s a lot of silliness out there – it must be the weather – that has caught my attention recently. The one that really jumped out was that the people who control Internet domain names, ICANN, stated that they need the US... read full post

Kudos & Milestones: April 2015

Milestones: New Ace: kaufmed reached the 2,500,000 point level for the third time, in Visual Basic.NET. New Genius: AndyAinscow has earned his third Genius certificate, in C# Programming. angelIII has earned 15,000,000 points in SQL Server... read full post