Webinar: Is Your Active Directory as Secure as You Think?

Microsoft Active Directory, the central system that protects user data and security in an interconnected environment is essential to IT infrastructure today. Like all infrastructures, however, it has its weak points. In fact, many of today’s directory breaches involve the use of privileged credentials. That’s an alarming fact, considering the large percentage of companies who use Active Directory to manage user credentials.

The best way companies can evaluate their Active Directory environment is to conduct regular penetration tests that exploit vulnerabilities. Most organizations, though, don’t have the bandwidth for this level of repeat testing, and operate under the assumption that their environment is secure. Sadly, that’s a false assumption. According to the 2015 Verizon Breach Report, more than 75% of all compromised records are due to the loss or theft of a privileged credential.

To combat this lingering issue, Ascent Solutions, a premier cloud and cybersecurity consulting organization, began using the multi-step Microsoft STRIDE threat model approach to evaluate and identify specific threats in the Active Directory infrastructure. They’ve discovered the various attack vectors against Active Directory domain controllers and mapped them to best practice mitigation guidance. Skyport also tested these same threats for domain controllers on their SkySecure Platform, touted as a top trusted computing system enclave.

Join us this month for a free webinar with Ascent Solutions and Skyport as we delve into this timely and relevant topic to discuss their discoveries, outline real threat levels within Active Directory, and recommend proactive steps for keeping your company’s data safe.

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Live Webinar: How to Secure Your Active Directory

  • Date: January 26, 2017
  • Time: 10 a.m. PST
  • Presenters: Head of Product at Skyport Systems, Russell Rice; Principal Cybersecurity Architect at Ascent Solutions, Allen Brokken; COO at Experts Exchange, Gene Richardson

*Please note that not all questions may be answered.

About the Speakers:

Russell Rice has more than 20 years in the network security industry and has held senior leadership roles in product management, technical marketing, and engineering for startups and established companies like Skyport, Cisco, Global Internet, Dow Jones, and Gamer’s Den. Rice is currently involved in the emerging Skyport SkySecure product, and is an accomplished speaker.

Allen Brokken, is a 20-year identity and security veteran who has assisted some of the largest customers in the world with information security architecture and planning. He developed a repeatable strategic plan for enterprises to address credential theft mitigation across their IT environment.

Gene Richardson has more than 20 years of experience heading up data security teams for major corporations like IBM, Charles Schwab, and Motorola, Richardson is an accomplished technology and business visionary. He also maintains extensive experience advising companies on avoiding fraud while protecting data.

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