Podcast: 10 iTunes reviews will win an EE Polo Shirt

Posted by · June 12, 2012 4:21 pm
EE Tech News Podcast

Have you listened to the EE Tech News podcast yet? On each half-hour episode, hosts Jenn Prentice and Gary Weyel discuss the top technology news of the week, chat with an Expert or two from the site and offer a few technology tips and tricks. Here’s a sample of some of our recent interviews/topics:

  • How IT consultants can get more customers
  • A preview of the new Experts Exchange mobile site
  • How not to build a mobile app
  • Windows 8 preview
  • Live report from TED 2012 Conference
  • TechCrunch Hackathon winner Tony Casparro

Listening to the Podcast
You can subscribe to the EE Tech News podcast for free on iTunes (of course). You can also listen on our SoundCloud channel or subscribe via RSS on our blog.

Here are a few tips to writing a great review on iTunes:

  • Keep it short (the average iTunes Store review is about 200 words long).
  • Be specific about what you liked (or didn’t like): is it the production, story choice, guests, etc?
  • Before submitting, take a moment to edit for spelling and grammar.

July 13 Update: We’ve selected our winners! Check the comments below to see if you’ve won a new EE Polo.

  • Joe Winograd

    The SoundCloud URL above is bad – has an extra http// in it. A separate problem is that soundcloud.com is down now, but that’s a different issue, which I’m sure is temporary. One last comment – why the tie-in with iTunes? I’d like to participate in this, but I really don’t want to install iTunes on my machine (I maintain an Apple-free zone). I’m happy to listen via SoundCloud or an RSS feed, but why not have the reviews posted at a vendor-independent site? Or if you must have iTunes, how about an alternative for the non-Apple folks? Regards, Joe

    • Thanks for the heads up on the link! (should be fixed now). For better or worse, iTunes is the hub of podcasting online, and we’re trying to get our podcast out to a few more ears in the Tech News universe. Reviews help with visibility, so that’s why we’re running this particular promotion via iTunes. We’ll look into a broader contest in the future, though.

    • athomsfere

      Agreed. I would like to participate as well, but I am installing that system crashing bug-fest known as iTunes. Nor will I be buying an inferior Apple product to use with iTunes.

      Can we get this fixed and use something more friendly for the tech savvy?

      • Luke Brannon

        I honestly don’t understand everyone’s hatred of Apple products.

        • Tyler Morrison

          They are not stable enough or robust enough for most of us to use as standard devices so they are not useful. I’ve installed Safari on Windows once. It took a full sytem restore from backup to get rid of it and the bugs it created.

  • Michael Knight

    Can I just buy a shirt? I’m with Joe, iTunes is invasive at best.

  • Exchange

    This EE is playing games. They dont say what happened to Limerick contest. Now they came up with another Dumb contest.
    Participating is just waste of time 🙂

  • Nice one – I actually quite enjoyed them 🙂


    “I’m not really a ‘Podcast’ consumer, but being a long-time supporter of EE, I saw the post and headed over to take a look. It was good to hear other posting Experts from EE for a change, and I downloaded about half a dozen ‘episodes’. The kept me entertained for a chink of the afternoon, and for a two hour Gym session (Yes I’m AM that sad!) If you’re the sort of technophile that enjoys Lifehacker/Gizmodo/TechCrunch etc. then this will be for you. “

    • Hi Pete–thanks for the feedback! Did you post in the iTunes podcast reviews? I don’t see your review there, but I know sometimes there is a lag between posting and it showing up in iTunes.

      • Thought so, I did it again to be on the safe side?

        it says your review has been successfully submitted?

  • Stefan Lilius

    I just posted on the Swedish ITune Store.
    Good louck in reading it 🙂

    Well what i said was in translation something like this:

    -EE is a forum for specialists in the IT field.
    On the site experts in IT help each other withe tech problems, you can seach a massive FAQ, read about the latest news in IT och why not learn something new.

    EE also have this podcast where they talk about the latest news and trends in the IT / Tech field:
    Very interesting and for once made by specialists for specialists.

  • Jornak

    Is this being extended past the 6th? It’s been a whole week and no winners have been announced.

    • Hi Jornak–

      We only have a couple of reviews in, so we were informally extending the deadline. I saw your image above, but for some reason your review isn’t showing up on iTunes anymore?

  • Hi everyone! Sorry for the confusion and delay, looks like iTunes uses country-specific reviews, which is why the ones from the UK/Sweden/Canada weren’t showing up in my iTunes browser. Everything is sorted out now! Here are our winners:

    – Jornak
    – Pete Long
    – Stefan Lilius
    – dlockmal
    – tallmidgety

    Congrats on your new polos! Please email your polo shirt size and mailing address to socialmedia (at) experts-exchange (dot) com and we’ll hook you up.

  • Eric

    Subscribe and listen too. great and to the point with a twist that keeps me interested to listen to the whole thing. not boring or drawn out like other tech podcasts found on iTunes.