VMware vRealize Automation Video Micro Tutorials with Joe Kelly


VMware vRealize Automation (previously vCloud Automation) is a powerful resource that helps people realize the full potential of their IT resources. There are many layers to your IT department and with agile development, there is greater demand for shorter release cycles and faster delivery of applications.

While creating a virtual machine may only take a few minutes, we find that it usually takes several days to actually deploy it. This is largely due to the silo’d culture of most IT resources. vRealize Automation supports multi-tiered and multi-vendor applications to help you keep them in sync as changes are made.

Joe Kelly’s video micro tutorials introduce you to the concepts of vRealize Automation and are a great introduction to automating your IT services. Imagine being able to set up a unified service catalog, which is like a customizable portal that can even have tenant specific branding. It acts like an app store experience for your internal IT team, where users can request new services or manage their existing resources and applications. You can set up service entitlement and approval policies that allow you to deliver a catalog of service based on each group’s needs.

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