Vote for the New Expert Rank T-Shirt Design [WINNER ANNOUNCED!]

Posted by · February 12, 2013 12:08 pm

Update: The votes are in! The shirt design with the most votes is “Minimalism is for Winners”!


Thanks to all who voted and submitted designs!

(Click each image to view full-size.)

1. “The Crown & Shield”
1- The Crown & Shield

2. “Orange Ya Gonna Vote For This One?”2- Orange Ya Gonna Vote For This One

3. “Minimalism is For Winners”


5. “Lord of the Circuit Board”
5- Lord of the Circuit Board

6. “Super Mario Experts”
6- Super Mario Experts

  • I like the i am, but not the colour.

  • Rancy

    Frankly Speaking all look good …… Awesome job guys !!

  • DatabaseMX

    Shirts must be Black, if you want us to wear them in public. Most of the content needs to be on the front of the shirt, so when talking with someone, they can see … and ask questions like ‘What is Experts Exchange’?

  • DatabaseMX

    Especially ‘Experts Exchange’ needs to be on the front of the shirt. #2 & #5 do not meet this criteria.

  • DatabaseMX

    # 6 would be good if the shirt was Black. Blue is ok, but black is better. If #1 is on a black shirt, this is clearly the most striking design. 6 on black would be a close 2nd. Assuming # 1 will be on black, that is my vote.

  • leakim971

    Good to see something else than black tee-shirt! Love numbers 2 and 4!

  • slightwv

    I one of the anti-black crowd. I rarely wear my shirts because of this. I also doubt I would wear bright orange unless I was hunting…
    It’s nice to see some non-black options but personally, I really don’t like any of these.
    Were there any more that didn’t make the short list?
    Surely a nice dull gray with some EE colors in the logo on the front would be compromise?

  • “Minimalism is for winners” and “Black is for technology” !!

  • Clemens Hoffmann

    How about having a choice of two or three shirt colors when ordering?

    #3 should have the logos reversed.
    #4 Should sound “I Am” instead of “I Am A”. Fits better with the “I Am Legend” ;-).

  • ValentinoV

    I’m also in the “please give us some color options when ordering” crowd. I’ve had enough black shirts to last me a decade or two and prefer wearing other colors. But not too bright and certainly not white. I like the design of 2 and 4 but the orange is too much. Are they from the same designer btw? Some darker shade of blue would be nice and so would be dark grey or olive green. Looking forward to the winning submission!

  • MASQ :)

    Of course I’m voting for Mario 🙂

  • jaynee

    The EE shirt I wear most is a marl grey one. I agree – like 2,3 & 4 but in different colours, eg grey, tan, pale blue or green.

  • deepakl_2000

    I have voted for the 1st one, hope I win 🙂

  • Andrew Hancock

    I wear my shirts to the office everyday, I like 2,3,4, love Black, love the Colours, I like the Shield on the Back of the Shirts, or the Rank, with EE on the arms, and maybe front! You’ve got to have an Ego, to wear a Prodigy, Ace, Genius Shirt every day!!! Only wear the Expert of the Year in special occasions, that’s too much for the Office!!!!

  • i like #1 and #4, lets change color and logo design…

  • Manjunathan

    I like 2,3 and 4

  • rkworlds

    my vote 2,3 and 6

  • Dinesh

    All Looks Good..

  • DatabaseMX

    So, the ‘new’ t-shirt is pretty much like the ‘old’ t-shirt.
    I don’t get it.
    Just sayin’ ….

  • Noxcho

    Hey, please return the Guru shirt with a fist!!!!!

  • Dan

    I’d like to can choose one design from some options. (3 should be OK)