Apple Hits A New Low in Trying to Rehabilitate iOS 6 Maps

Posted by · October 3, 2012 1:45 pm

In the wake of iPhone owners’ vast disappointment in iOS 6 Maps, Apple is scrambling for solutions to retain their reputation for a high standard of user experience. The company has apparently resorted to using the lowest employees on the totem pole to do the dirty work of fixing their funky maps- their retail store employees.

According to MacRumors and verified by ifoAppleStore, 40 hours of retail staff time from every store every week will be dedicated to helping improve the map application. The process for mining the map data isn’t clear yet, but employees have been tasked with surveying the areas near their location and submitting corrections to a portal on Apple’s intranet. Cue hundreds of angry Apple product fans waiting in long lines at the Genius Bar while half the Geniuses are out cruising the streets of their hometowns on unsupervised company time.

This is the second move Apple has made in mobilizing their efforts to correct the flawed app. Just days after the iOS 6 release, Apple posted numerous job openings for maps developers, and reportedly was trying to hire ex-Google maps employees.

Last Friday, CEO Tim Cook issued a public apology for the maps debacle and encouraged people to download third-party “mapplications”, or even Google maps through their mobile browsers while they attempt to fix the problems.

Google is wasting no time in pouncing on the lost iPhone users. Tomorrow, the Street View on the mobile version of Google Maps for iOS will be available again. What a slap in the face to Apple, since rumor has it that Steve Jobs was only motivated to develop Apple’s own maps after Google continued to withhold important features from the iOS version, giving Android devices a clear advantage. Additionally, Google launched a site called, which celebrates the milestone of 800,000 websites are using Google Maps API. The site honors developers around the world for using Google Maps, but it’s an obvious ploy to emphasize the success of their maps product over Apple’s.

But perhaps the lowest blow delivered to Apple in recent weeks is not from Google or any other corporation, but from some of its once loyal users.  Apple fanboys and fangirls have taken to the blogosphere to voice their criticism of Apple Maps and Tumblrs like this one have started springing up to showcase some of the more egregious topographic errors.  The only bright spot for Apple in all of this is that the Maps debacle happened around the same time as the NFL replacement refs were hitting the zenith of their career, so the Twitterverse had their own red meat to chew on.

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  • Paul

    We just bought a Galexy 3 that has Google’s great mapping capability, is superior to the Iphone 5 and we didn’t have to wait weeks. Apple cannot sue and patent fight their way to success any more. Why cannot they just get along with other companies like Adobe, Samsung and Google?

    • Paul –

      It’s amazing that a company like Apple could be the richest
      company in the world with such a small share of the computing world. True,
      Apple iPhone has an enormous share and domination in the smart phone world (not
      to mention the iPad). I have a hard time believing they got that rich and they
      didn’t know what they were doing. You cannot expect any company, much less a
      large one like Apple to not have entropy set in somewhere along the way (no
      matter how hard you try to stop it). Apple still reigns when it comes to
      reliability, creativity, and quality. They have become the success they are by
      protecting their intellectual property. It would be a shame to suggest that
      they start opening up their proprietary developments so that the enormous
      financial success they’ve had crumbles like Motorola did when Intel came along.
      Apple’s not that stupid. I assume that you either: 1) do not have an iPhone and
      therefore are not qualified to slam it and its success; or 2) you do have an
      iPhone 5 (after upgrading from the 4 or 4s) and you are the very supporter of
      Apple that you seem to deny. I’m confused.

  • Tom Fitz

    Apple products are in general good but they are over-hyped, over-advertised and too expensive. The media breathlessly reports on every “miracle” Apple product because it’s easier than reporting on the entire complex world of technology. Apple is not worth the current 625 billion market cap. The Apple bubble is now.

    • Holt

      Totally agree. Your comment sums up my feelings about Apple perfectly. No one stays “cool” forever. I had the first iphone the day it came out but just bought the Galaxy 3 in lieu of the iphone5.

  • Old Abe

    What a bunch of bull. Did you actually use google maps on an iPhone? I have always had problems with google maps. The new Apple maps are a great improvement. If you go to an Apple store do you hear see or hear anyone complaining about maps? Do you see people lining up to return their iPhones?

  • Old Abe

    I am going to cancel my EE membership. This is a joke.

  • Old Abe

    I cancelled my subscription.

  • anasazi4st

    How can you good folks at Experts Exchange allow this dreck to be published? Have you become The New York Post?