Google Drive vs. DropBox, plus Making a Good Comment on EE [Podcast]

Posted by · April 25, 2012 3:56 pm

How does the new Google Drive compare to DropBox, Mozy, Microsoft Skydrive and other cloud storage systems? We explore the question on this week’s podcast.

Google has always been on the forefront of cloud computing with products like Google Docs, but the introduction of Google Drive may signal an all-out storage war with heavy-hitting companies like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon (not to mention scrappy cloud storage stalwarts like DropBox and Mozy).

Also, did you know that using Klout could help you score free stuff and maybe even a new job? Yeah, we didn’t know that, either. A new piece in Wired magazine offers new insight into what your Klout score really means—hear more about it on the podcast.

What makes a good comment on Experts Exchange?

A big part of the expert experience on EE is the game: earning points by answering questions, collecting t-shirts and seeing your name on the top expert list. And while the point game is fun and motivates many to participated, we’ve discovered a community within the community; a group of experts that consistently go beyond the call of duty (and beyond the point values) to provide exceptional help to our users.

The Most Valuable Expert (MVE) award was created to recognize such users. But the irony is, the quest for providing exceptional help can often lead to a ton of points as well. On this podcast, we sit down with two 2012 MVE winners Kevin Cross and Scott Helmers to find out what makes a good post on Experts Exchange.

“I’ve found that posts that aim to teach rather than gaining the points end up gaining points more rapidly,” explains Cross.

Hear all of Kevin and Scott’s thoughts on contributing good answers on Experts Exchange starting at the 11:30 mark below.

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