Experts Exchange CEO Talks Future of EE, Driverless Cars and What He’d Do if He Were Steve Ballmer (Podcast)

Posted by · May 16, 2013 10:07 am

What would you do if you were the CEO of Microsoft? We posed that question and many others to Experts Exchange’s new CEO Brian Clausen on this week’s EE Tech News podcast. Brian joins Gary and Jenn to talk about the Windows 8.1 update, driverless cars, drones that invade people’s privacy and, of course, his vision for the future of Experts Exchange.

Our other guest this week is Karen Falandays, one of EE’s top Outlook experts and owner of professional training and coaching company PC Resource. Karen talks with us about Outlook 2013 and why you may–or may not–want to upgrade to the latest version of the mail client.

Driverless cars are fine for adults, but not for their kids

A recent Cisco survey found that 57% of consumers worldwide would feel comfortable riding in a driverless car. Perhaps the more interesting data, however, was how widely that percentage varied among different markets.  Ninety five percent of people in Brazil and 86% of people in India said that they would trust a driverless car while only 60% of people in the US and 28% of people in Japan (a country that we thought would be OK with robots) would ride in a driverless car. When it came to people’s children, the percentages were much lower. Only 46% of consumers worldwide would allow their children to ride in a driverless car.

Other news: New smartphone apps prevent texting while driving and drones invade privacy

According to the US Department of Transportation, people who text and drive are 23 times more likely to get into an accident than people who don’t. Text-STAR and are two different apps that aim to stop people from texting while driving. We review each one during the podcast. We also discuss a man in Seattle who’s using his personal drone to spy on his neighbors…maybe.

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