Tablet Comparison, Google Music and new Experts Exchange Blog Features

Posted by · November 21, 2011 6:35 pm

On this week’s EE Tech News podcast we talk about the launch of Google’s new music service, plus Jenn shares her holiday tablet shopping experience (and why she is choosing the Kindle Fire over the iPad). Fellow Experts Exchange blogger Matt Stanford also joins us to talk about the cool features on our new EE blog.

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Expert Spotlight

Each week on the podcast we highlight a few experts who have marked significant milestones. We’re always thankful for the experts who participate on our site, but this week it’s even more apropos to acknowledge the hard work they do to help people.

Our experts are volunteers from all over the world who get free access to the site by providing solutions to people’s technology problems. And they do a fine job of it, too.

One such expert is nobus, who has had a remarkable November, earning his third Genius certificate this month alone, this time in the Personal Computers topic area. That’s his eighth Genius certificate overall, a feat that can be claimed by only three other members — angelIII, war1 and matthewspatrick.

This might come as a shocker, but people still ask MS DOS questions. The proof? Bill Prew has earned the second Genius certificate ever awarded in MS DOS. Now keep in mind, the Genius certificate is for one million points in one topic area alone. So, generously estimating the full value of a solution at 2,000 points, Bill has answered at least 500 questions on the topic.

Bill has 20+ years experience in the technology world and currently serves as the Executive Director of University Information Systems at Johnson & Wales University.

So thanks again to Bill, nobus and all of our experts. We couldn’t do it without you.