Texting Turns Twenty, Apps News, and More Bad Ideas from Microsoft (Podcast)

Posted by · December 6, 2012 10:53 am

textingThis week’s podcast is chock full of news about apps, apps, and more apps!
Texting has now been around for two decades, but with countless communication apps on mobile devices, is SMS an over the hill technology? Speaking of apps, we’ve got a list of 11 apps that are absent from Microsoft’s app store for its Surface RT tablet. Which ones are dealbreakers for you?  Google Maps is coming to the WiiU, and one new feature may have you thinking that their intentions for user benefits have done a 180 degree flip. There’s a new iOS app called SupperKing to plan dinner parties for strangers. Would you have strangers over for dinner on a regular basis?
In other bad ideas from Microsoft, they refurbished their social network, So.cl, and it’s not pathetic at all. Apple and Samsung are due back in court this week over patent disputes.

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Our guest this week is Bob Nitrio, the CEO of Ranvest Associates in Sacramento, CA. Bob is an Experts Exchange member and works to help small and medium-sized business solve their technology problems.

Bob is going to share some IT tips for small and medium-sized businesses, specifically three things you absolutely should manage first when it comes to your business tech needs.

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