The Death of the Nook, Instagram Video and the Future of Cloud Computing (Podcast)

Posted by · June 26, 2013 3:44 pm

While it once looked like a promising way to save Barnes and Noble’s struggling brick and mortar stores, the company’s Nook tablet division suffered a nearly 35% loss last quarter and looks to be dying out. Rather than do away with the hardware altogether, however, Barnes and Noble is looking to sell its Nook tablet division–and rumor has it Microsoft is first in line to buy. On this week’s podcast, Gary and Jenn talk with Experts Exchange senior site administrator Jason Levine about what a Nook buyout might mean for both Barnes and Noble and Microsoft and what the struggling bookstore can do–if anything–to stay in business.

Also on this week’s podcast, Gary interviews RightScale CEO Michael Crandell about how the future of cloud computing and how cloud management services are revolutionizing our world.

Instagram Video Turns Fantasy Into Reality and Ouya Hits the Streets

Last week, Instagram added video to its memory capturing capabilities. And while most of the application’s 130 million users are relishing the opportunity to post 15-second videos of their lunch, child or animals, others are decrying the new feature as a loss of simplicity or just downright useless. Perhaps New York Times technology blogger Jenna Wortham said it best, however, when she explained that Instagram video turns the “well-crafted fantasies” that are your pretty, filtered Instagram photos into “the tedious time in-between those moments, when bills get paid, cranky children are put to bed, little spats with friends.”

Another product that launched recently is the Ouya, an Android-based, open-source gaming console that costs just 99 dollars. The Ouya, which has already sold out on Amazon and GameStop, started as a Kickstarter project and boasts more than 170 downloadable games as well as a built-in software development kit that enables people to create and test titles right from the hardware. Gary, Jenn and Jason discuss the Ouya and what it might take for an open-source gaming console like it to succeed.

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