Tips for Building an App, plus “The Cloud” Explained [Podcast]

Posted by · April 12, 2012 10:03 am

Want to build your own app? It may not be as easy as it sounds. Experts Exchange Site Administrator Jason Levine shares his cautionary tale about building a mobile app in house, from functionality, design to submission issues with the Apple App Store and Google’s Android Market.

Build your own Instagram?

Instagram of podcast about Instagram (so meta)

Also on this week’s podcast: The cloud has become a popular buzzword in the tech world and beyond. But what is the cloud, really? We talk with Clayton Pippinger, the senior application consultant at Quest, a company that provides cloud and managed services for business, to find an answer.  Mr. Pippinger will be presenting a webinar next week called “Shaping Your Own Cloud,” on Thursday, April 19th at 11 AM Pacific time (click here to reserve your free space).

Plus, we break down the latest tech news, including analysis of the Facebook/Instagram buyout, Project Google Glass, Verizon’s price hike on phone upgrades and more.

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