Windows 8, Facebook Timeline and EA Games for the Holidays [Podcast]

Posted by · December 8, 2011 4:50 pm

Windows 8, Facebook Timeline and EA Games for the Holidays Windows 8 public beta will be released in February 2012; are you going to try it out? On this week’s EE Tech News podcast we discuss the recent announcements from Microsoft, including details about the forthcoming Windows 8 store, said to be similar in concept to the iTunes app store. Our guest this week is Electronic Arts Security Specialist and Experts Exchange zone advisor Ted Bouskill, who talks a bit about EA games for the holiday season. Plus, news on Facebook Timeline delays and recent changes at Twitter.

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Experts Exchange Podcast – Windows 8, Facebook Timeline and EA Games for the Holidays by ExpertsExchange

Expert Spotlight

Each week on the podcast we highlight a few experts who have marked significant milestones. Our experts are volunteers from all over the world who get free access to the site by providing solutions to people’s technology problems.

On the last podcast we talked about nobus, who has had quite the run as of late. Last time he was collecting his eighth Genius certificate in the Personal Computers area. This time nobus has bagged his ninth by reaching one million points in the PC Laptops topic area. He is the first expert to be listed in three consecutive issues newsletters, or to put it another way, he has reached the Genius level five times in the past six weeks.

The other expert we want to highlight this week is another canuck like Ted here (We like to group our shows by nationality…we’ve done quite a few UK shows so it seems like we should go a little closer to home this time). Anyway, Rob Williams, a Microsoft MVP in networking and Small Business Server who goes by the screen name “RobWill” just recently crossed the 10 million cumulative point mark to become the 26th Savant on the site. Rob runs his own network support firm called LAN-Tech Network Management and is another fine example of the types of people who help out on Experts Exchange every day.

Thanks again to Ted, Rob, nobus and all of our experts. We couldn’t do it without you.