Announcing the Most Valuable Experts of 2016

Posted by · February 9, 2017 10:00 am

Each year, Experts Exchange recognizes the experts who consistently demonstrate the core values of our community and go the extra mile in all aspects of their contributions. We recognize these outstanding members with the Most Valuable Expert (MVE) Award.

While the points and certification system recognizes achievements on Experts Exchange, this award focuses on how a member not only earns their points, but also how they collaborate with others members of the site. In addition to achieving recognition as an expert in their field, they are also outstanding in their community interactions. The MVE award is first and foremost about community.

MVEs are more concerned with the satisfaction of those they help than with the considerable points they can earn. They are the types of people you feel privileged to call colleagues.

This year, we congratulate:

Jeffrey Kane

Overall Level: 74

Noteworthy Achievement: Prodigy in SBS, 5-star rated

This San Diego, CA resident first stumbled upon Experts Exchange in 2004 when he was first entering the IT field. Jeffrey Kane had been operating a small web hosting company on the side for a couple of years and after getting laid off at his corporate job in 2003, he decided it was time to turn his side business into a career.

Since then, he’s enjoyed professional successes including receiving Microsoft MVP status and continues to participate on Experts Exchange. You can find him answering questions in the middle of the night in various Microsoft topics, and providing Live help for those who need 1:1 assistance. Learning is a passion of Jeffrey’s, and one that he enjoys sharing with the Experts Exchange community.

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Andrew Hancock

Overall Level: 119

Noteworthy Achievement: 6 consecutive years as Expert of the Year, vExpert

Andy Hancock is one of the top VMware experts in the world, and generously spends his free time helping the community members at Experts Exchange solve their various VMware, Virtualization, and Cloud problems. Andy owns his own consulting business in the UK, which has emerged as a leading global virtualization solutions firm.

2016 marks Andy’s 6th consecutive Expert of the Year win, and his second time earning the MVE award. He has made the lives of countless members easier since he came to the site in 2010 by providing top-tier solutions and documentation, and is widely regarded as a pleasure to work with. He loves his work and has a passion for solving technology problems, and truly takes pride in the glowing reviews that he has received.

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Joe Winograd

Overall Level: 52

Noteworthy Achievement: Consecutive wins of MVE, The Titan, and The Director awards

In the summer of 2010, Joe Winograd joined Experts Exchange to get an answer to a technology question. He was immediately struck by the community dynamic and the expanse of knowledge that was available to him. At the time, he imagined that he would be asking questions more than helping others but, looking back, he says that he has learned more while solving problems for others.

Joe was born and bred in Philadelphia, but has been living in the Chicago area for decades, though he still supports the Philly sports teams. He loves to travel and has been in many parts of the world, though London and Paris are his two favorite cities. You might also find Joe resurrecting his Case Tech varsity tennis days with his daughter or caring for a rescued cat or dog.

Joe prides himself on–and is recognized for–having the utmost professionalism in his interactions in the community, and enjoys hearing positive feedback from those he’s helped. He is a prolific author, and the content he has created has prompted many new memberships over the years. Take a look at Joe’s Expert Spotlight to get to know him a little better.

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Julian Hansen

Overall Level: 53

Noteworthy Achievement: 2015 MVE, Genius in 5 programming languages

For this South African native, participation on Experts Exchange has many benefits. Julian Hansen enjoys giving back to the community of tech users, learns a great deal from coming up with solutions, and uses his profile as a great supplement to his already impressive CV.

You can find Julian answering questions and giving Live help in various programming topics, including JavaScript and CSS. What he finds most rewarding is the positive comments and messages that he receives from those that he’s helped, which he must get frequently judging by his profile’s 5-star rating.

In his downtime, Julian enjoys staying active by running and swimming outdoors. He also aims to submit his first children’s book to publishers this year. You can read more about Julian and his story in his Expert Spotlight.

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Gerwin Jansen

Overall Level: 37

Noteworthy Achievement: Consecutive wins of The Scrutinizer award

Gerwin Jansen is a Dutch Linux pro, who works full time for an IC manufacturer as the Senior IT Engineer. Despite the heavy workload that comes with his day job, Gerwin happily serves on our volunteer team as a Topic Advisor and answers questions from the community.

Gerwin has published several articles on various topics including Raspberry Pi and Unix, and enjoys helping other people find solutions to their tech problems, whether on Experts Exchange or in his neighborhood.

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