Code Hacks, Energy Drinks, VR, and More at DeveloperWeek

Posted by · February 22, 2017 12:02 pm

What do you do when you attend the world’s largest developer expo? You bounce from exhibitor to exhibitor to get a glimpse of the latest and greatest technology set to enter the market and change our lives.

At DeveloperWeek 2017, we were overwhelmed by the number of gadgets, products, and services filling the exhibit hall. Each item was bursting with innovation and we couldn’t wait to see what we’d discover next.

Here are a few products that stopped us in our tracks.

Who: Data Dog
What: App Performance Monitoring (APM) in private beta — immediately discover problem code

Being a developer takes a lot of patience–especially when it’s time to discover and uncover what’s making your code error. Combing through lines of code is like searching for a needle in a haystack and it can take hours–even days–if there are multiple problems to unearth. While some developers enjoy the chase, it costs a lot in time and resources. With Data Dog’s new APM tool, developers can dive into their code and immediately discover problems for quick fixes and faster development time.

“This APM is appealing to us because we like the way that Datadog presents data, and it would be nice to have our application data integrated with our infrastructure data,” says Experts Exchange DevOps Director Phil Phillips. “It could make it easier for us to pinpoint issues when things go wrong. Also, it gives us one place to go to look at stuff instead of having separate services.”


Who: QuickBase
What: Low-code platform — quickly build, customize, and deploy scalable cloud applications

Tired of trying to implement systems and cloud application software to fit your company’s needs with hefty and cumbersome code? With QuickBase, you can implement changes to cloud applications for workflow, automation, forms, charts, reports, and more with its low-code solution.


What: UPTIME Original Energy Drink — get a healthy boost of energy without the jitters or a crash

Caffeine and energy drinks are our best friends. They help those of us working in tech stay focused, work longer hours to complete projects, and stay on task. But all that sugar and other additives aren’t so great for our bodies in the long run. Enter Uptime, an energy drink full of vitamins and other yummy ingredients like ginseng, guarana, CoQ10, and bee pollen. Check out this product to get the healthy kick of energy you need.


Who: Sift Science
What: Online fraud and abuse detection with real-time machine learning

While we live in a great, connected world, a sad truth is that online fraud increases daily. This risk looms large for retailers wanting to take advantage of online, international markets. With Sift Science, companies can use machine-learning technology to detect and prevent fraud. This software monitors sites in real time and alerts them instantly of fraudulent activity. They even apply a “risk score” to accounts in four categories: payment, content, accounts, and promotions.


Who: Loom
What: Loom v2.0 — advanced AI to predict and prevent problems in the digital business process

Loom v2.0, much like its original counterpart, is a system that automatically digests and dissects a company’s data to evaluate problems and patterns for better business practices. This software removes the step required for manually importing and exporting data into a system for evaluation.

“Most of our customers face more of the same pain point — the ability to predict and prevent IT issues before they affect their business,” says Sabo Diab, vice president of marketing at Loom Systems. “In 99% of these challenges, we found the main problem is resources and lack of professional staff to be able to analyze, detect, and resolve issues in real-time. This is how we developed an AI-powered platform that is capable of analyzing the data, just like humans do, and predict and prevent problems in the digital business in real-time.”

As an AI-powered solution, Loom v2.0 boasts benefits such as “zero pre-processing configuration” and “cross-environment events correlation”. Diab describes the platform as very intelligent and simple and the team loves seeing customers’ reactions when the AI detects issues and makes suggestions.

Loom v2.0 is available and can be invoked as SaaS or deployed on-premise.


Who: Enflux
What: Enflux VR Full Body Suit — motion-capture clothing for animation, sports, healthcare, and virtual reality

At this year’s DeveloperWeek conference, Enflux held a partner event workshop to allow developers to experiment with their new full-body clothing product. AKA playtime for the big kids. Providing a truly immersive experience in virtual reality with 10 embedded motion sensors, Enflux’s full-body suit lets you leave the world of fantasy behind to actually become a video game character.