Member Spotlight: Stuart Scott

Posted by · December 1, 2015 2:14 pm

DSCN6980When Stuart Scott (Stuart_Scott) started exploring the world of IT, it was using Windows 3.1 and MS DOS in the days when everyone wanted a PC. He got experience by playing around and writing small scripts of code to see how everything worked, using his PC to complete a lot of his business studies school work. This set him up for his career in technology, although he’s more of an Apple guy these days.

Before he even received the exam results from his final year of study, Stuart landed a job as a help desk analyst at AGF Insurance (headquartered in France). He soon moved into desktop support with AGF, helping with day to day troubleshooting for a company of over 300 people. Over the years, Stuart has worked in a variety of capacities for companies such as Volkswagen and T-Systems, using the transitional times as an opportunity for self-study.

“You have to keep on top of technology” he says, and keep on top he did, gaining certifications in VMware, and most recently Amazon Web Services, all through self-study. He feels that Experts Exchange has significantly helped him expand on his skills and knowledge in new and long-standing technologies.

Right now, holds the following AWS certifications:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Accredited Technical Professional
  • AWS Accredited Business Professional
  • AWS Accredited TCO and Cloud Economics

In addition, Stuart also holds the following Experts Exchange certifications:

  • Certified AWS Master
  • Certified Cloud Computing Master
  • Certified Cloud Services Master

What role has Experts Exchange played?

Stuart had an account with Experts Exchange back in 2001 and took advantage of the Q&A forum to help with his job’s day-to-day troubleshooting. Although the topics were limited at that time, he always got great responses, but closed his account when he changed jobs. Fast forward to today: Asking questions on the AWS forums made him think of the positive experiences he had on our site. He was impressed with the more robust features and new content, and was excited to start contributing.

He notes that by answering questions in the community, his knowledge was reaffirmed. “[It] feels great to help someone from halfway across the world. Even when you don’t get your answer chosen, you can learn from the contributions of others.” Stuart never saw himself as an author, but when he started writing articles about AWS, that started to change. He not only got to share his knowledge, but also learned how to solve issues based on what users had gone through.

“It’s different taking the knowledge from the textbook to the real-world, and then it’s a different kind of learning when you get into the nitty-gritty… you really apply [your] knowledge and then increase it.”

The articles he’s written on Experts Exchange are often shared on his LinkedIn page, which gained the attention of an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. He was offered work on a contract basis as a technical writer, which he then accepted, this work helped him further build an online presence and strengthen his resume. Currently, he is writing a 12-part AWS security series for Cloud Academy, an online learning site .

Stuart attributes these opportunities, and much of his success, to the visibility gained through Experts Exchange. He currently holds the #1 member rank for Cloud Services and is #2 for AWS, which his employer, a large, global ICT Corporation, is very impressed with.

Expert Tips for the Community

Participate! Stuart believes that Experts Exchange is a great platform for increasing your online profile, so he encourages members to build great relationships with people and use the opportunity to learn by asking questions and being involved in the solution. Stuart gives a big thumbs up to other experts, including Jim Horn and Eric Peterson. He also uses the Experts Exchange Mobile App, conveniently squeezing in solutions when he’s out and about using his iPad.

What’s Next?

Apart from his 9-5 job where he is looking to move to the architecture team because of his expanding knowledge and skill set, Stuart soon plans to add videos on AWS to the Experts Exchange site – an area that he has yet to break into. He feels confident that putting details about his experience with Experts Exchange onto his CV will continue to help him land new contract jobs based on the skills demonstrated in his contributions on the site. Answering questions and publishing articles in this way helps him to put complex situations into simplified terms, which is a vital skill for consultancy especially.

Stuart, his wife Lisa, and daughter Erin (2yrs), are also expecting a pair of twins! In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family, fishing, and sharing a few beers with friends. You may also find him playing Battlefield or Stars Wars Battlefront on his Xbox One when he’s away from the computer.

Congratulations, Stuart & Lisa on your growing family!

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