Experts Exchange Launches Anonymous Questions

Posted by · May 15, 2017 8:40 am

Throughout history, anonymity has often been seen as an ally of freedom — for speech, expression, and creation. It has offered an opportunity for naysayers of policies and government tactics to speak up without fear of retribution and it offered the opportunity for women to publish works in a mostly male-dominated profession. Anonymous capabilities have aided those with great intelligence and gifts to break past stereotypes and uncover a platform in order to get their voice heard.

Anonymous information has proven useful in evaluating workplace variables, such as work satisfaction, organizational identification, intent to leave or stay, relationships with coworkers and management, and so on. It’s heavily relied upon for customer reviews on sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Zagat, and is also a key component of 360-degree appraisal programs commonly used in many organizations. Not to mention the many research grants, hospital expansions, and other charitable projects made possible by anonymous donations. Without the masked persona, some of these great initiatives may not have come to pass.

An increasing number of today’s tech users are seeking anonymity in their online actions. They want to explore information without exposing their identity to the outside world. They used to be in the minority, but with the way information is cataloged through search engines, the rise of targeted marketing tactics, and the creation of other behavior analytics systems, this fear has renewed anonymity online as a real topic of interest.

In the Experts Exchange community, we felt anonymous questions was a feature that could increase value for our members, offering the opportunity to ask questions without fear of employers seeing any gap in knowledge or understanding. Anonymity in our community is also an important component of excelling and succeeding at work, when employees may need guidance outside of their realm of expertise but cannot be linked back to their company or project for proprietary or classified reasons.

In response to this need, we’re launching anonymous question capabilities for Premium Members, Team Accounts, and qualified experts today!

With this new feature, users receive a protected and freeing experience through our platform.

Benefits include:

  • Masked user identities. These questions are inaccessible to search engines and questions will not visibly link back to profiles. Logged out users cannot see these questions.
  • Removal of sensitive information from questions, by severing ties that could connect you back to your employer or a project.
  • Freedom to explore different tech topics you may be interested in but have before been afraid to look into.

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