Priority Question

Learn to Prioritize Through Online Communities

Posted by · August 8, 2017 7:01 am

Whether we want to admit it or not, everything in life is prioritized. Gym or couch? Television or book? Time with kids or work? Each and every day, adults make around 35,000 decisions. Those are 35,000 things we are prioritizing or deprioritizing in our lives. It’s not always an easy task.

What matters to you, after all, may not matter to another person. What seems highly emergent and timely to you may not be a big deal to someone else. When it comes to choosing priorities, there’s no right or wrong answer; the process is an individual journey. Only you can decide what is worth your time, energy, and focus.

The workplace is one area where priorities often align among groups of people. A deadline, a product rollout, and a new sales goal are all items that can rearrange priorities within a team or department so that everyone is working toward the same objective that will reflect success individually and as a whole.

You can also find this level of solidarity in priorities and planning through online communities. With social interactions tied to specific subjects and learning, as well as the ability to network among your peers, these virtual communities provide the support you need to do your work and do it well. And best of all, they can help you decipher just how critical a work problem or question really is. These interactions deliver a sense of camaraderie surrounding problems and solutions that you usually only find in flesh-and-blood coworkers.

So when you turn to online communities like Experts Exchange for help, you want to make sure the experts who see your question are aware of the issue’s priority within your company.

Maybe a cloud provider connection is down, halting production and making this question one that needs to be solved as soon as possible. Maybe you’ve been asked to research the best new page-design software for your company’s graphic designers, and you want to poll the online community on their experiences. Now, with the release of Priority Question, members can adjust the priority of their questions on site to highlight issues that are emergent, important, or normal. This feature aligns priorities online similar to the way internal company goals align your team.

Available for Premium Members, Team Accounts, and Qualified Experts, this new tool will automatically set question priority level to “Medium” with the ability to adjust to “High” or “Low” depending on your impression of urgency. Higher priority questions will get greater visibility from subject-matter experts on site. Experts participating in answering these higher priority questions will also receive more points if their answer is chosen as best solution.

Get everyone on the same page by adjusting your question’s priority today!