Member Spotlight: Justin Pierce

Posted by · December 19, 2016 10:22 am

Justin Pierce (MacGuy47) is an Apple guy who loves teaching, learning, and helping others. We have asked him to answer a few questions about his involvement with technology, as well as his thoughts on Experts Exchange as a part of our Member Spotlight series. Take a look at his responses!

How did you get into technology?

It’s a little complicated, so I’ll give you the nutshell justinpierce-2version. After coming back from a 16 month tour during Operation Iraq Freedom in 03-04, I wanted to follow my passion for computers (In the Army I was Combat Medic for a Reconnaissance Cavalry Regiment, 2ACR) so I made the jump to the Air Force and became a Systems Administrator. After I left the service, I became a Network Admin in a city near Boston, but eventually moved to Alabama to teach Officers and soldiers how to setup tactical networks and be Systems Administrators.

Unfortunately, Sequestration took place and wiped out the contract that I was working on. That pushed me to bite the bullet and apply to the company that I’ve always loved, Apple. I worked as an AppleCare Advisor then Senior Advisor from home. However, this too would be short lived because my ISP had a proprietary protocol in their modems that was intermittently killing the data stream to my house. Ultimately it crashed the application that Apple uses to troubleshoot and take calls. If you’re listening Apple I still love you and have a 4.0 GPA at Purdue for a Masters in Learning, Design, and Technology. If you’re in need of an Instructional Designer, Equipment Tester, or Technical Writer I’m all yours.

What do you do when you’re AFK?

justinpierce4I workout and try to be the best father/husband I can be. Did I mention that I workout? My wife
Lesley and I really enjoy the Beach Body programs (currently on my second round of 22 min Hard Corps). Les just finished up PiYo and is now through the first part of Core De Force (MMA inspired training). We’ve both seen great results and are now Beach Body coaches.

Of course there are fatherly duties to attend to: chasing my 15 month old (Éothan) around the house, or helping my smart 11 year old daughter (Lilia) with schoolwork (A/B Honor Roll). There are also family walks, chores, and mandatory cheer events during the holidays (you know Santa’s got a listand all). Lastly, I enjoy whiskey (primarily Gentleman Jack) and watching my Stanford Cardinal play football (Intellectual Brutality).

What do you love about the Experts Exchange Community?

I love the environment, professionalism, and that some of the greatest minds in IT are here to help each other and the world solve complex problems (the world needs more nice people). In addition, I love that EE is more than just a place to get your tech problems solved, since it’s also a wonderful treasure trove of information: videos, classes, articles, and more.

Lastly, I like that Experts Exchange loves patting us on the back by handing out points, t-shirts, and certificates. As many people know IT is a thankless job where customer patience, common decency, and manners are in short supply. So, it’s nice to be recognized by peers and the community for simply doing the right thing.

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