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Posted by · February 15, 2017 11:29 am

For many years, work-life balance has been a topic of discussion. As our technology has increased in power and connectivity, we can now access calendars, emails, finances, and servers from almost any location. We have the technology to be constantly plugged in and available. As this level of connectivity increases, so does the desire for better communication products and services.

With this in mind, we scoured the exhibitor floor at IT Expo East last week in search of new products and gadgets built to improve our business connections. Known as a leading conference in professional communication and technology, we knew we’d find some real gems — and we weren’t disappointed!

Check out the items we loved at IT Expo East.

Who: ReadyTalk
What: ReadyTalk Hosted Voice — cloud communications for expansive offices and remote employees

As employers began offering remote working policies and companies began following the trend to expand to different cities and locations, ReadyTalk saw a need for a unified communications solution where all employees, no matter their location, could access and utilize the same system.

With 15 years under their belt in the audio and web conferencing business, they began working with Broadsoft to create Hosted Voice. This new solution provides flexibility, mobility, and cost savings. Unlike traditional on-site PBX systems with high upfront cost and soft costs on maintenance, upgrades, and additional hardware for remote employees, Hosted Voice is a one stop shop.

“For our customers, ReadyTalk can meet all their cloud communication needs without having to piece together solutions from multiple MSPs,” says Lizzy Funk, demand generation and product marketing manager at ReadyTalk.

The flexibility of the Hosted Voice platform lets IT teams add, change, and delete users quickly through the admin portal as well as turn features on or off, change configurations, and run utilization reports.


Who: Phenix
What: PCast™ — a real-time, low latency video streaming platform to share all those great nuggets of entertainment with the world.

In today’s video streaming world, the terms “live” and “real-time” are used interchangeably, when in reality, they involve two completely different user experiences. “Live” video, for example, may have more than 60 seconds of latency or lag, while real-time video is defined to have under 0.5 seconds of latency. The reason these discrepancies have not been detailed is because, up until now, real-time video was never scalable to large audiences. “Live” was the only option for companies like Facebook and Twitter to reach hundreds of thousands of viewers.

PhenixP2P wanted to revolutionize this form of content delivery and created PCast™, a real-time video streaming platform enabling low latency video at massive scale.

“Phenix’s proprietary technology drives viewer engagement by providing high-quality video with less than 500 milliseconds of end-to-end latency and can scale to millions of concurrent viewers. Its optional peer-to-peer Proximity MulticastTM feature facilitates even larger scale and significantly lowers operating bandwidth costs for its customers,” says Kyle Bank, director of business development at Phenix.

The PCastTM platform is enterprise grade and can be deployed for web, desktop, iOS, and Android applications. The software can be branded and designed to each company’s desired user experience.


Who: Sennheiser
What: TeamConnect Wireless — first portable, turnkey wireless conference system for online meetings.

It’s time for another conference call. As everyone gathers for the meeting, you struggle to find the right connection cords or to locate the proper sound quality on the speakerphone so those in the meeting can hear those at a remote location. Enter Sennheiser’s new TeamConnect Wireless conference system. This high audio quality tool can be set up in less than a minute. Companies use TeamConnect Wireless to host meetings with large amounts of people and still sound professional–without white noise drowning out speakers and muddling the message.

The easy to-use system allows users to connect with any smart device, either by Bluetooth or with a wired connection, and remote callers from other locations can easily join in. Not only is the sound top-notch, but the aesthetics of the sleek design allows for easy control of sound level and connectivity with a touch or swipe of your finger.