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What’s on Your Mind? The Importance of Sharing Online */?> What’s on Your Mind? The Importance of Sharing Online

Posted by · February 23, 2017 9:00 am

In this digital age, more and more communication happens online. People stay in touch with college buddies on Facebook instead of picking up the phone, instant transfer of information and news is the norm, and the emerging trend of remote access and cloud computing is changing the way we work. This disconnect from face-to-face interaction may present challenges for creating real, meaningful relationships with friends and colleagues, but it also presents substantial opportunities for sharing.

Take, for example, the opportunity to share ideas and discuss industry trends with individuals halfway across the world. Never before has creative problem solving seen such a spark in ingenuity, as professionals and interested parties alike join together online to make the most of this connected world we live in.

What’s on Your Mind?

Sharing your thoughts and ideas on a site filled with other like-minded people is a great way to break the virtual ice and make connections that are so crucial to human happiness and innovation. Do you have a creative solution to a problem that came up at work? An idea for a project? Share it online, and you’ll tap into a global brain trust that would be nearly impossible to recreate in person.

Chances are, your professional network is already sharing ideas somewhere. Find out where, get involved in a conversation happening in a topic area that interests you, and you’ll start creating relationships with those who were simply “followers” yesterday. These connections could serve you well if you’re looking for a new career opportunity down the road, want to improve your skillset with constructive feedback, or if you simply need to bounce an idea off of someone that you trust.

It can be intimidating to jump into a new network and start sharing, especially for IT pros and tech users, but finding a community that’s tailored to your needs and interests can help ease the way.

What’s Happening?

Participate in a forum where industry pros are sharing news and information to stay on top of the latest in your field. That means it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start networking with your colleagues. Do you have questions about how the newest Microsoft update will affect your business? Thoughts on the impact of the latest AI breakthrough? That funny meme you saw last week about help desk clients? Share them with your network.

Sharing information doesn’t stop at original thoughts–the internet is absolutely bursting at the seams with information, tips, and news. Don’t be afraid to post something interesting — even if it’s outside of your area of expertise — and get a conversation started. This can position you as a thought leader in your industry by demonstrating that you’re on the cutting edge of what’s happening. Build your online presence and you’ll be even more desirable to hiring managers.

A word of caution, however: If you’re posting about a controversial topic or the latest rumor, be sure to keep your audience in mind. Keep it professional, respectful, and check your facts.

What’s New With You?

Many tech enthusiasts and IT pros shy away from sharing personal information on social networks and forums, preferring instead to remain behind an anonymous username and enigmatic profile image. While this type of participation has its place, listing ZombieDude98’s published articles on a resume or trying to build a professional relationship with a photo of a rubber duck can be counter-productive.

You can keep your personal and professional lives separate, but don’t make the mistake of alienating yourself with anonymity. Instead, post about your professional accomplishments and fill your profile with legitimate information. This will not only build trust within a new community, but will also help you benefit g from each and every interaction you have.

The more we can come together to share knowledge and insight, the better our ideas will be. The diversity of an online community can lead to innovations that you simply would not be able to come up with on your own. and the communication that takes place in the process provides a sense of camaraderie, a safe space for exploring new concepts, and the prestige of belonging to a well-known community within your industry. Find a community that sparks your interest and suits your needs, and start sharing today.