What’s New? Check Out the Summer Product Update */?> What’s New? Check Out the Summer Product Update

Posted by · July 10, 2017 8:00 am

Before you grab your sunscreen and head to the beach — or the mountains — for your summer vacation, take a quick look at the many improvements, product updates, and releases the Experts Exchange team has been working on so far this summer. We guarantee at least one item will catch your eye and make a splash!

See what we’ve been up to in our summer update!






Share Ideas and Knowledge On-site With Post

In an effort to expand our community-driven platform and include some of the best features of community involvement and social sharing, we created Post. This new feature allows you to go beyond the Q&A feed, to have expanded conversations and interactions on the Experts Exchange site. You can share technology insight and engage with other members on the news of the day. Begin sharing your thoughts and ideas today!

Update Your Home and Topic Feed Experience
With the creation of Post, we also revamped our home and topic feeds to fit the new flow of information. You can now personalize your experience by following industry experts and topical conversations when you log in to the new home page for the first time. Check out the new homepage.

Introducing Course of the Month
In this year’s annual survey, members told us they wanted greater access to courses, so we created our Course of the Month program where Premium Members, Team Accounts, and Qualified Experts receive a complimentary course in a leading technology each month as part of their membership. Our team has been working hard to locate beneficial, high-value courses, like this month’s certification course on HTML5. Enroll in July’s Course of the Month.

Build Course Packages and Certification Paths
Our course authors wanted the ability to package their courses together in a single offering. We soon realized we could establish a way to show you which courses could lead to a particular certification. Now, when course authors create their course, there’s a straightforward check-the-box process, allowing them to choose whether their course stands alone or is part of a package. View the diverse course library.

Seek Answers and Solutions Privately Through Anonymous Question
Many Premium Members felt the Private Question feature didn’t go far enough to protect their identity. They worried that any site visitor could view private questions. In a complete overhaul of the Private Question feature, Premium Members can now ask anonymous questions that do not link to their user profile or to their company. The content is not cached in search engines. Now you can feel more comfortable asking questions outside your knowledge base or on sensitive matters. (Since rolling out this feature, we’ve had a 5-10% up-tick in questions asked!) Ask an anonymous question today.





Download Our Latest and Greatest Mobile App Release
Want to receive push notifications through your mobile device? Want to access the new Post feature while on the go? Now you can! With the latest release of the Experts Exchange mobile app, users can access the updated feed, the ability to share and interact with community posts, and receive instant push notifications. This update nicely balances nice-to-have functions with core stability. Download the app here.

Updated User Flow to Highlight Premium Free Courses
Are you a Premium Member of Experts Exchange? Did you know that you have access to free courses as part of your membership in addition to Course of the Month? We wanted to increase the visibility of these courses so we came up with simple adjustments to our user flow to help highlight the available, free courses. You can now locate these through the Course navigation as well as the Category List page.

Revised Products Menu Design in the Header
In a bit of summer cleaning, we cleared out the old mosaic menu and brought in a newly designed products menu. Now, products are placed in a prominent spot for easy access. The new menu design allowed for a quick description of each product so you now know what’s available at first glance — check them out today!

New Visual Design for Team Account Admin Dashboard
Our Team Account Admin dashboards hadn’t been updated in awhile. The existing UI felt out of sync with the rest of the site, so we cleaned up the UI for a more consistent experience that leverages the UI improvements we’ve made elsewhere throughout the site.

Thank you for your continued participation on Experts Exchange!