12 Things Your Tech Guru Wants for the Holidays

Posted by · December 23, 2016 10:43 am

It’s that time of year again! With the holidays quickly approaching, you’ve undoubtedly stocked up on all the essentials: eggnog, wrapping paper, tinsel, and fantastic gifts for your in-house technology whiz.

If you’ve forgotten to add your IT superstar to your holiday gift list, have no fear—we know exactly what they need (and want) this year.

1. A Better View

Gift your tech guru with the latest in display technology. Touted as the “screen of the future” by PCWorld, OLED screens are flexible, thin, transparent, and changing the way we interact.

2. A Personal DJ

Music plays a big role in the day of a tech professional. It can inspire, drown out office noise, and even help harness focus. With Prizm, your streaming playlists will be more intuitive and personalized than ever before.



3. Industry Exposure

The best way to stay on top of the latest trends is to connect with—and learn from—those creating the next-gen software. Gift your tech guru with attendance to one of the nation’s great technology conferences. Whether your expert is dealing with product development or is in charge of improving your company’s enterprise apps, there’s something for everyone.

4. Funny Tees

Everyone loves a good gag gift, and what’s better than a piece of clothing they can wear close to their heart while laughing? There’s no shortage of options. You can find T-shirts with coding puns, industry jokes, and other hilarious gems.


5. Anti-Malware Protection

Does your office run on PC? To spread a little extra holiday cheer, encourage your employees to install the latest version of HitmanPro across all their company devices. Critically acclaimed to be one of the best free anti-malware programs in existence today, this software enhancement will make your guru’s day.

6. Coffee Hour

Did you know that caffeine and IT are best friends? This holiday season, upgrade your office’s stained, boring coffee pot with a new gadget that will warm your guru’s heart and satisfy their taste buds.


7. Toys

We all want to be a kid at Christmas. Why not grant that wish by giving your tech superstar a present from the past? In fact, Nintendo has released a mini version of the 1985 gaming system that started it all, making it a gift guaranteed to elicit cries of joy and hours of fun.


8. Lunch and Learn

Investing in success means investing in your team. Pay attention to local events for tech-minded individuals and pay for your IT whiz to attend for a continued education and industry networking.

9. Professional Insight

Heading up a technology department of one has many perks. Collaboration, however, isn’t one of them. In order to enhance your tech guru’s knowledge of new product and system developments, give them the gift of learning (or an online course) that keeps on giving—an Experts Exchange subscription. With the latest addition of Courses to the online offering, your guru can learn more about productivity, cloud computing, and so much more!


10. A Charging Boost

Nobody likes it when their phone battery dies. Gift your guru with a Mophie Powerstation, a universal battery charger with two USB connections to keep all their devices charged so they can stay plugged into the world.

11. Bespoke UX Capabilities

Customizing apps to meet the needs of each department takes a lot of development time because processes that work for one don’t necessarily work for all. Upgrade your tech department’s ability to adapt with bespoke user experience tools like Skuid. With its drag-and-drop, code-free interface, customization is as easy as pie.


12. A Team

Have you been promising the expansion of the IT department, but don’t have the budget? Does your guru feel bogged down with work? This holiday season, it may be time to follow through on your promise, and for half the budget of bringing on new members, sign up for a business account on Experts Exchange. Not only will this decision be met with gratitude, but the expansion will enable the growth of your company’s offerings.