Congratulations to the 2014 Expert Award Winners

Posted by · January 12, 2015 7:00 am


11th Annual Expert Awards

Each year we recognize members for their outstanding contributions to our vibrant community in our Expert Awards. The winners receive a special trophy in the spitting image of the hard drive that recorded the first solution on Experts Exchange back in 1996.

Congratulations to our 2014 Expert of the Year: Gary.

Join us in congratulating and thanking all of the top Experts who help make Experts Exchange your trusted source for technology solutions, educational resources, networking, and more. Below is the full list:

Expert of the Year Gary 3,622,006 Points
Rookie of the Year Phillip Burton 674,772 Points
Juggernaut Gary 2,267 Answers
Sniper Robert Schutt 95.37% Solutions
Titan mlmcc 57.31 Crystal Reports Software
The Ally John Hurst 539,744 Assist Points
The Addict Roshan Ejaz 91 Mobile Solutions
The Scribe Andrew Hancock 868,470 Points
Impact Award lherrou
Author of the Year Ray Paseur

For the full list of winners, runner ups, and top experts in specific topics – visit the Expert Awards page.


Top Contributor Award

New in 2014 is an award that recognizes the member who earned the most points overall in all categories for solutions, articles and video content. As we continue to build our global peer network, these three types of resources are essential to our community’s professional needs.

Congratulations to the winner of the inaugural Top Contributor Award: Andrew Hancock.

Below is the top 5 list:

Andrew Hancock hanccocka 3,395,583 868,470 0 0 4,268,577
Gary GaryC123 3,622,006 40,793 0 9,920 3,674,719
John Hurst thinkpads_user 2,404,235 56,902 0 500 2,470,189
Ray Paseur Ray_Paseur 1,896,326 375,949 0 2,190 2,275,042
David Johnson ve3ofa 1,989,594 9,209 0 0 2,004,803

How is the Top Contributor Award Different from the Expert of the Year?

The Expert Awards are based on solution points only, and we were unable to easily update the calculations for 2014 without negatively affecting the front-runners from previous quarters. Instead of disrupting the system, we felt it was important to recognize the winners based on the quarterly results and the top overall contributor.

Experts Exchange is powered by our members, and we are making changes to better reflect that. This change, and others, will be a part of our 2015 awards program updates coming soon, these updates will be announced in coming months – stay tuned.


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