4 Quick Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Membership

Posted by · December 9, 2013 9:15 am

There’s no question that an Experts Exchange membership saves you time and money, but the better you know how to use the site, the more time and money you’ll save. Here are four tips that will help you find the information you need and get the most out of your Experts Exchange membership:

Use Request Attention

The Request Attention button appears 24 hrs after your question was posted or after the first expert comment is posted–whichever comes first! The button allows you to ask for help from a moderator when you haven’t received an adequate answer to your question or you need to make a change to the question itself or the topic areas it is posted in. Using the Request Attention system is a great way to get more eyes on your question. For step-by-step instructions on how to use the system, visit our support pages.

Post your question in multiple topic areas

Posting your question in a topic area sends an alert to experts who answer questions in that topic. So, posting in multiple topic areas means your question will be seen by more experts. You can find the best topic areas to post in by searching or browsing the topics.

Set up Saved Search alerts

Saved searches can help you quickly reference commonly-searched terms for any topic, whether you are looking for questions to answer or seeking to learn more about a specific issue. When you create a Saved Search, you can decide whether you would like to receive on-site or email notifications—or both—and how often you’d like to receive them. Your Saved Searches will appear in your Workspace on the right navigation. You can edit and prioritize them from the Workspace. Visit our support pages for more information on setting up a Saved Search and On-site Notifications.

Save solutions and articles to your Personal Knowledgebase

The Personal Knowledgebase is a robust tool, located in your Workspace on the right navigation, that can save up to 50,000 things that you find useful on Experts Exchange. Questions and articles are the most common entries saved in Personal Knowledgebases. To save a question or article, click the “Save” or “Save to Knowledgebase” buttons on the left side of the question or article page. More information on using your Personal Knowledgebase is available on our support pages.

As always, our Customer Support team is also available to help answer questions about your Experts Exchange membership. You can send them an email or give them a call at 1-805-787-0603 x 277.