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4 Top Security Finds at Black Hat USA 2017

Posted by · August 2, 2017 7:15 am

This year, for the 20th anniversary of Black Hat, attendees enjoyed a busy floor with games, activities, and an emphasis on security products and solutions. With almost 300 exhibitors, there were a lot of big brands present, and a feature on start-up businesses and career opportunities. At one brand’s booth we saw a guy doing pool table tricks, another had employees dressed like KISS to take pictures with people. Even Christian Slater made an appearance for a meet and greet. Alongside all the glitz and glamour of this major event, there were companies making waves with their products and services. Here are a few that stood out to us:


Who: Nominet
What: turing — a DNS analytics tool to help you ward off cyber attacks

Did you know that 53% of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks result in some sort of security breach of the targeted organization? This evolving nature of threats means the traditional monitoring approaches no longer meet requirements. Organizations need fast detection, forensic detail, and actionable intelligence on how to counter threats. Nominet, the official registry for .UK domain names, saw an opportunity to use DNS to identify cyber events both internally and externally.

With their new DNS analytics tool, turing — an in-house tool developed to help Nominet understand the activity within the 37 top level domains (TLDs) they manage — they are able to see in near real-time these threats and events. This allows for companies to react before damage can be caused to their business, like identifying DDoS attacks, their victims and sources. At Black Hat, Nominet experienced a high level of interest from attendees who didn’t know DNS could be used for cyber protection.

“Since using turing internally, we’ve seen first-hand how the signatures of cyber events can be seen within DNS data and turing provides us with the actionable intelligence to mitigate against these. turing is now available as standalone software on your network and underpins our suite of DNS cyber security services where businesses can interrogate their own DNS data to understand threats on their network,” said Kerry Helby, product and partnership marketing manager at Nominet.

Nominet offers a wide range of services to help clients understand what’s happening in their networks, from reporting to live monitoring, and help solving issues. The turing tool works best with ISPs, carriers, and large enterprises.


Who: CyberVista
What: Cybersecurity training — personalized e-learning opportunities

Today’s tech business owners surround themselves with employees who know how to look out for and combat security risks. What many business owners don’t realize, however, is that they also need a solid understanding of existing threats and risks in order to hire the appropriate people and be able to make quick and educated judgment calls during difficult situations.

With CyberVista’s Resolve seminars, business owners are educated on issues and protocols in order to think critically and make informed decisions.

Their CISSP test preparation programming is built to train tech workers in cybersecurity skills needed to defend company assets while mitigating problem situations as they arise. The courses are live, interactive, and customized to meet individual needs.


Who: SentinelOne
What: SentinelOne Platform — customizable endpoint security for all your security needs

There’s never a one-size, fits all approach in technology security. Each company has different needs, uses different services and platforms, and requires protection and mitigation in different areas. This often leads to a collection of products built for protecting each specific environment that may not communicate or work well together.

SentinelOne’s platform touts itself as the “next-generation endpoint security [that] protects
against all threat vectors”, including malware, ransomware, document theft, browser theft, credential theft, and many more. This platform even offers up to $1M in warranty protection against ransomware attacks — one of the only companies to offer such a guarantee.


Who: Bromium
What: The Bromium Microvisor — resourceful enterprise security with flair

Great security is all fine and dandy, but what about a positive user experience to go along with great protection? Bromium delivers just that with a streamlined and well-designed dashboard that makes fighting cyber threats easier for even the most basic of user.

Their dashboard, called the Bromium Microvisor, is described on their site as a “Xen-based, security-focused hypervisor”, that isolates users tasks — such as web browsing and inbound file access — to keep the system protected. Reinforced with hardware, this patented micro-virtualization technology moves teams from reacting to threats after they’ve hit the company’s system to more of a proactive stance on keeping data and information secure from risk.