5 Things to Know About Microsoft Ignite

Posted by · September 21, 2017 8:00 am

Good news! After enduring the wrath of Hurricane Irma, Microsoft was able to work with Orlando’s local officials and the event’s planners to make sure the annual conference can go on as planned. The event is still slated to begin on Monday, September 25th.

Do you and your team have plans to head to Microsoft Ignite next week? We’ll be attending, and hope to see you there! While preparing to attend, we realized our conference tips could be helpful to others heading that way. Here are our 5 big tips for Microsoft’s annual event:

  1. You Can Avoid the Lines
    Lines are a natural part of conferences. With a large number of people in one location, you’re likely to encounter lines getting into the next session, in line for food, at the restroom, and when checking in. After you’ve been traveling to get to the conference, the last thing you want to do is stand in another line. So remove one line from your experience by taking advantage of the Name Badge Pick-up program Microsoft Ignite is offering. They will have five convenient check-in locations on Saturday and Sunday before the conference begins for you to get your name badge and avoid the long line on Monday morning.
  2. Download the App
    In our opinion, one of the best modern-day inventions for conferences is the conference-specific app. No more keeping track of paper itineraries, or searching your bag for a note that has addresses and information you need to reference. When you download the Microsoft Ignite app, the items you need to keep track of will be located right at your fingertips, helping you go paperless and avoid losing information throughout the week.
  3. Fine-Tune Your Experience
    Still unsure which sessions you want to attend? You’re not alone. The options are endless and it can be a little overwhelming, especially to newcomers. As Microsoft outlines on their website, they offer “700+ sessions, insights and roadmaps from industry leaders, and deep dives and live demos on the products you use every day.” How does a person choose? Lucky for us, they created a handy guide to all of their sessions, making them searchable by persona, type of session, topic, and even by specific products. Explore their breakdown on the event site for more information. (Also, be sure to check out the venue’s website for information on ATM locations, WiFi, and other items you may need to reference while there.)
  4. Pack the Essentials
    Between learning and expos, your schedule is bound to stay packed all week long. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, because the air inside the conference hall can be drying. Make sure you have a few snacks in your bag–you don’t want to run out of steam on the first day because you got hungry and couldn’t retain information in the session! And also be sure to pack comfortable shoes. Microsoft Ignite is being held in the Orange County Convention Center, which boasts 7 million square feet of event space. Yes, you read that right. Don’t let uncomfortable shoes keep you from getting around and staying on your feet as long as you need.
  5. Join the Event Online
    Not able to the conference this year? Have no fear, you can attend the informational sessions online! Simply check the event site once it goes live and click on the different experiences and sessions available for you to learn, from the comfort of your office or home.

Bonus: We’d love to meet you at Microsoft Ignite next week! Drop us a line at swalter@experts-exchange.com to set up a meeting!