Earn 5,000,000 points for Lifetime Membership

Posted by · June 5, 2012 3:04 pm

What makes someone a lifetime member on Experts Exchange? We’ve been thinking about that quite a bit recently here at the home office.

The first four certifications come quick for some experts: The jump from Master to Guru and Guru to Wizard is only 150,000, and the move to Sage is 200,000. Then comes a big one: the span from Sage to Genius means double the work you’ve done already; a full 500,000 points to reach the impressive milestone of one million points overall.

But if the climb to Genius was a mountain, the journey to Savant can feel like going to the moon. Earning 9 million more points on Experts Exchange will take a significant amount of time and effort, even for the most dedicated and well-rounded experts.

We wanted to honor those who are on the journey from Genius to Savant. At some point on that path, you’ve really become a lifetime member by demonstrating your commitment to excellence and an unquenchable desire to solve technology problems. Now, we’re just going to make it official: at the five-million point mark you’ll earn membership to Experts Exchange for life.

Congratulations to all 85 experts who are now members of the five-million point club. And good luck to those who are almost there.