Earn 5,000,000 points for Lifetime Membership

Posted by · June 5, 2012 3:04 pm

What makes someone a lifetime member on Experts Exchange? We’ve been thinking about that quite a bit recently here at the home office.

The first four certifications come quick for some experts: The jump from Master to Guru and Guru to Wizard is only 150,000, and the move to Sage is 200,000. Then comes a big one: the span from Sage to Genius means double the work you’ve done already; a full 500,000 points to reach the impressive milestone of one million points overall.

But if the climb to Genius was a mountain, the journey to Savant can feel like going to the moon. Earning 9 million more points on Experts Exchange will take a significant amount of time and effort, even for the most dedicated and well-rounded experts.

We wanted to honor those who are on the journey from Genius to Savant. At some point on that path, you’ve really become a lifetime member by demonstrating your commitment to excellence and an unquenchable desire to solve technology problems. Now, we’re just going to make it official: at the five-million point mark you’ll earn membership to Experts Exchange for life.

Congratulations to all 85 experts who are now members of the five-million point club. And good luck to those who are almost there.

  • b0lsc0tt

    What a great pleasure and surprise. I haven’t been able to be as active (work and other, outside EE things). I have missed many aspects of my previous level of involvement. Getting this acknowledgment has been a great surprise. Very nice to be reminded how much EE does appreciate their experts. Thanks and I am glad to be a part of so many incredible people. Hope the list will just keep growing.


    p.s. So what is the cost for polo shirts with a lifetime membership? 🙂

    • Anand

      a Very Very long way to go for. Definitely it is depressing rather than encouraging… We should get yearly free membership at least, if we have a million.

  • logudotcom

    I’m so much happy about this in EE.. It is a great surprise from EE to all EE’s

  • mplungjan

    Very nice 🙂

    Can I engrave a 2x on it? ;)))

  • What about a mug for the 5M Club members?

  • kaufmed

    So when you get to angelIII’s level, does that mean you can just walk into the EE break room and grab whatever you like ;-p

  • Gerwin Jansen

    Just great, still a long way to go for me but a nice ‘prize’ 😀

  • Kpax7

    How generous you are !!!

    I guess we could reach there in near future ( ~ 50 years from now) 😀
    1M is something but 5M …. I can’t even think about it.
    Mission impossible for most of EE experts 🙂

  • Seems like it might be time to consider the formation of an Experts Exchange Academy or University of Technology Experts and get the lifetime members to teach classes! I suggested on the message board of a local news program the other day, what modern students need is someplace they can get a “Lesson-a-Day” in a “Pay-as-You-go” program which leads to an actual college degree.

    Some readers might ask, ‘Why would we need to change the way college is done, it works fine now?’ but it is my impression many intelligent minds are being excluded from learning opportunities leading to higher paying employment strictly because THEY did not fit into the college tradition.

    Educators could create knowledge in small doses, fulfilling the same ultimate goal, but simplifying the learning process and “adjusting” learning to our present soundbite, mediabite, Blog it daily culture. Grading could be accomplished easily and there is probably a method by which the student’s lessons could be collected in a progress journal.

    My inspiration for this idea was a guest on the news program who said, ‘I believe there will still be students attending our university a hundred years from now.’ and I believed this was either shortsighted, uninformed, unimaginative or evidence of his having been brainwashed by the current traditions (the establishment) to believe the present university system was at the pinnacle of its form. This cannot be true.

    I imagine a future where instructors will appear in three-dimensions (3D) in front of the student in whatever learning space they have available, and as questions are asked by classmates their image will appear to the side of the student. It will be a classroom without the classroom, with learning truly occuring anywhere and the present university campuses will mostly become museums, historic attractions or have the space they occupied repurposed for something better.

    Where will 5,000,000 Experts Exchange points take you?
    – Where will 5,000,000 Experts Exchange points take you??

  • It’s Cool…one day i will be on that mark..

    Navdeep [v-2nas]

  • Kiran Sonawane

    Even it seems dream, but it is always better to have something than nothing… 😀

  • satsumo

    To put this in perspective, I have about 250,000 after three years on the site. At this rate I will get lifetime membership at around about the age of 100. That makes it kind of hard to get excited about this. It’s a nice gesture for all those people who devote a lot of their time to EE, but I think they deserve a little more than a guarantee of being able to continue.

  • theGhost_k8

    a long way to go for me… can’t we get yearly free membership if we have a million?

  • Nan

    I agree with satsumo. I have been a member since 2007 and only am close to the half million mark. What makes getting to 5 million IMPOSSIBLE is that all of the top experts jump in to the middle of me me helping someone and then they get all the points. I will never get to 5 million because of this.

  • McKnife

    5m is too much, make it 2m. There are just 90 experts that have earned 5m or more so far. 90 of how many regular participants? Ten thousands. So I bet a year from now it might be about 5 people more (we will see 🙂 ). This is nearly as megalomaniac as the new rank “legend”. 100m points? In how many years, 50? Even member Mestha would have needed at least 12 years to become a “legend” and I bet he did not do anything else in his free time (about 50! comments a day). If you ask me, you are encouraging people to become mega nerds.

  • Jeff

    Wow 85 Experts? You guys are super generous.

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