The Bounty Board is Better than Ever

Posted by · September 22, 2014 4:19 pm


Named after the elusive fugitives of the wild wild west, the Bounty Board offers you a place to request articles or videos on any technology topic, or create content to earn points and free Premium Member access.

The Bounty Board has been revived and continues to be a great place to build valuable content into Experts Exchange Network.

BountyBoard-01Have you looked on Experts Exchange for an article or video about a specific technology topic and did not find what you were looking for? Post a Bounty.

Are you endlessly searching for a basic outline of a new technology you are considering adapting? Post a Bounty.

Hoping to quickly earn points and free Premium Member access to Experts Exchange? Claim a Bounty.


These Bounties are designed for you to easily request the content that you want, earn points, and continue to make Experts Exchange an essential resource for technology professionals. Check out the latest happenings on the Bounty Board and start contributing today:

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