Business Accounts Increase Efficiency for EE Users */?> Business Accounts Increase Efficiency for EE Users

Posted by · September 12, 2013 1:47 pm

A growing number of Experts Exchange users are taking advantage of the enhanced member experience available through Business Accounts.

Business Accounts are annual group licenses designed for multiple users within an organization and provide easily accessed, expanded solution assistance services including:

  • Multiple users
  • Admin controls allow you to monitor your team’s questions and participation
  • Private questions are included for no additional cost.
  • A variety of billing options, including international wire transfer and purchase orders


Tech departments in high-profile companies like Warner Bros. have been able to streamline their IT problem-solving, saving their entire team time and money.

Customer Support manager Catherine Burow says once members start trying out the extra features a Business Account has to offer, they tell her the upgrade was a no-brainer.

“With a Business Account, their whole team has the power of Experts Exchange at their fingertips,” she said. “Tools like expanded solution assistance give them a lot of extra convenience, which is key for time-saving in their departments.”

Adrian Sasin, of the international charitable organization British Council, agrees with Burow. Sasin says that Experts Exchange provides his team—which manages over 15,000 email accounts around the world—with support of Active Directory and played a major role them migrate their email server from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.

Upgrade today to experience the myriad of options for taking care of your tech problems with a Business Account.