“Catpshun” Contest: LOLCats on EE (WINNER POSTED)

Posted by · March 21, 2013 10:44 am


Thanks to everyone who entered our Catpshun Contest! Congratulations to our winner, SteveV! We will contact you shortly to arrange sending your EE Prize Pack!

Here is the winning entry:

Check out more of the hilarious entries:

Experts Exchange is not immune to teh funny of the true rulerz of Internetz, kittehs. We recently caught a glimpse into the lives of a couple of tech support cats using EE and going about their day solving problems in the office. (Click on each photo to enlarge)

messofcords300 orangecatpounce300blackcatcoffeetie300blackcatsnowglobe300

They are trying to become Expurrts, you might say.

Caption your favorite “EE Cat” photo and submit for a chance to win an EE swag prize pack: a T-Shirt, Flash drive, and snowglobe! Even if you don’t win, we’ll share all our favorites on the EE blog when we announce the winner.


Here’s how to enter:

1) Save the photo you want to caption. Edit the photo with your clever caption (if you want to caption in the classic “meme” style, use white impact font with black stroke outline, or use the helpful editor over at cheezburger or mememaker). You may also use your own photo of a kitty in your Experts Exchange t-shirt, interacting with an EE item or viewing an EE site page.

2) Submit your entry by uploading to one of the following social networks:

  • Facebook, and tagging Experts Exchange
  • Google+ and add the hashtag “#EEcat”
  • Twitter, and tag @ExpertsExchange and add the hashtag “#EEcat”

(click on the name of each social network to find our profile). You can also post your photo in the comments below if you prefer. The deadline to create your “EE Catpshun” photo is April 3rd, 2013 at 12pm PDT. Contest rules

Happy captioning!