Charity Challenge: Answer Questions for Clean Water

Posted by · January 31, 2012 5:50 pm

Update 3/7/12: Thanks to the generosity of dozens of Experts Exchange experts, we have not only met but exceeded the goal for this Charity Challenge.  Read the full story here.

At Experts Exchange, we’re always blown away by how generous our experts are. Not only do they give of their time to help people with their technology problems, but they are always looking for other ways to give back on a global scale.

Earning t-shirts for ranks is a great achievement, but some of our experts have answered so many questions they’ve got a closet full of Experts Exchange clothing. Last year, Exchange Server Geniuses Glen Knight and Alan Hardisty cooked up the idea of donating t-shirt credits to charity.  That idea gave birth to the wildly popular and successful Experts Exchange T-Shirt Challenge.

After the T-Shirt Challenge was over, many experts expressed interest in continuing to donate shirts instead of redeem them. You asked. We listened, and we’d like to announce the next Experts Exchange Charity Challenge.

We’ll be partnering with Water Run again–this time to bring clean water to the Ayder region of Ethiopia. Currently, over 1 billion people around the world lack access to clean drinking water and nearly 6,000 people (5,000 of which are children), die every day as a result of diseases from contaminated water. The people of the Ayder Village are no exception. Women and children in the village often walk miles each day just to access a parasite and disease ridden water source that they share with livestock. According to the elders of the village, every member has gotten a parasite or some sickness from the water.  (A picture of their current water source is shown above.)

In order to fund a well in the Ayder village, at least 500 t-shirts must be donated.

After you’ve earned your initial rank shirt on Experts Exchange, every other t-shirt is eligible for donation. If you’d like to donate some of your t-shirts to the Experts Exchange Charity Challenge, here’s how:

Follow the normal t-shirt redemption process:

  • Edit your profile.
  • Click the “Rewards” tab .
  • Click the “Shirts” link in that tab. You will see a list of the shirts that you have earned and are eligible to redeem.
  • Click the “Redeem” button. You will be taken to a page asking for your shipping information and t-shirt size.
  • Write “Donate to charity” in every field on the page that asks for your shipping information and t-shirt size.
  • Click “Submit.”

Once you submit the redemption form, we will be notified of your donation and your t-shirt(s) will be added to the total number of t-shirts donated.

Don’t have any rank t-shirts waiting to be redeemed? Don’t worry! There are plenty of questions waiting to be answered.

If you have any questions about the Experts Exchange Charity Challenge, you can contact Customer Service or email Jenn Prentice, Experts Exchange’s (unofficial) charity coordinator, at jenn (at) experts (dash) exchange (dot) com.

If you’d like to learn more about the clean water crisis in Ethiopia and how Experts Exchange and Water Run are partnering to bring clean water to the developing nation, read our blog post.

Remember, we need 500 t-shirts to bring clean water to the Ayder region of Ethiopia. We’ll keep you posted on the status of the challenge as things progress.  On your mark. Get set. DONATE!