Charity Challenge: Answer Questions for Clean Water

Posted by · January 31, 2012 5:50 pm

Update 3/7/12: Thanks to the generosity of dozens of Experts Exchange experts, we have not only met but exceeded the goal for this Charity Challenge.  Read the full story here.

At Experts Exchange, we’re always blown away by how generous our experts are. Not only do they give of their time to help people with their technology problems, but they are always looking for other ways to give back on a global scale.

Earning t-shirts for ranks is a great achievement, but some of our experts have answered so many questions they’ve got a closet full of Experts Exchange clothing. Last year, Exchange Server Geniuses Glen Knight and Alan Hardisty cooked up the idea of donating t-shirt credits to charity.  That idea gave birth to the wildly popular and successful Experts Exchange T-Shirt Challenge.

After the T-Shirt Challenge was over, many experts expressed interest in continuing to donate shirts instead of redeem them. You asked. We listened, and we’d like to announce the next Experts Exchange Charity Challenge.

We’ll be partnering with Water Run again–this time to bring clean water to the Ayder region of Ethiopia. Currently, over 1 billion people around the world lack access to clean drinking water and nearly 6,000 people (5,000 of which are children), die every day as a result of diseases from contaminated water. The people of the Ayder Village are no exception. Women and children in the village often walk miles each day just to access a parasite and disease ridden water source that they share with livestock. According to the elders of the village, every member has gotten a parasite or some sickness from the water.  (A picture of their current water source is shown above.)

In order to fund a well in the Ayder village, at least 500 t-shirts must be donated.

After you’ve earned your initial rank shirt on Experts Exchange, every other t-shirt is eligible for donation. If you’d like to donate some of your t-shirts to the Experts Exchange Charity Challenge, here’s how:

Follow the normal t-shirt redemption process:

  • Edit your profile.
  • Click the “Rewards” tab .
  • Click the “Shirts” link in that tab. You will see a list of the shirts that you have earned and are eligible to redeem.
  • Click the “Redeem” button. You will be taken to a page asking for your shipping information and t-shirt size.
  • Write “Donate to charity” in every field on the page that asks for your shipping information and t-shirt size.
  • Click “Submit.”

Once you submit the redemption form, we will be notified of your donation and your t-shirt(s) will be added to the total number of t-shirts donated.

Don’t have any rank t-shirts waiting to be redeemed? Don’t worry! There are plenty of questions waiting to be answered.

If you have any questions about the Experts Exchange Charity Challenge, you can contact Customer Service or email Jenn Prentice, Experts Exchange’s (unofficial) charity coordinator, at jenn (at) experts (dash) exchange (dot) com.

If you’d like to learn more about the clean water crisis in Ethiopia and how Experts Exchange and Water Run are partnering to bring clean water to the developing nation, read our blog post.

Remember, we need 500 t-shirts to bring clean water to the Ayder region of Ethiopia. We’ll keep you posted on the status of the challenge as things progress.  On your mark. Get set. DONATE!

  • Erniebeek

    Great initiative guys!
    I read about the last charity challenge but that was before my time (on EE :). But now I have the opportunity and the shirts to participate.

    Count me in, I’ll start donating right away.



  • Ernie!
    That’s so awesome that you are going to be donating your shirts. We’ll be sending out an official email next week, but you can start donating now! Thanks for your generosity!
    EE Content Manager

  • 20 T-Shirts coming your way 🙂


  • Awesome, Alan! We’ll be sending out an email next week but you can donate before that!

  • Already donated. Now – to go earn some more T-Shirts 🙂

  • erniebeek

    Same here only 15 for me. But who can beat THE AlanHardisty? very little that I know of 🙂
    I expect them here any moment.

    Now lets focus on the zones I almost get another T-shirt in so I can donate some more as well.

    BTW Jenn?
    [i]We’ll be sending out an email next week[/i]
    No nitpicking here but you said that as well one week ago. Just send the mail out, the sooner, the better, the more T-shirts 😉

  • Ernie- You totally caught me! I DID say we’d be sending out an email soon. We actually had a little glitch with our email system when we relaunched the site. It should be fixed as of tomorrow, so we really WILL be sending out an email next week. 😉

    Thank you BOTH for donating your shirts! You guys are a large part of the reason EE is the best tech community on the Internet!!!

  • erniebeek

    Owwww stop, you’re making me/us blush :”)

    Let’s just hope that many will follow.

  • Svet Paperov

    Hi Jenn,

    It’s a great initiative!

    Only 4 shirts from me (all I’ve earned until now). Hope other guys will follow.

  • @Svet- Thanks so much!!!! Four t-shirts is a great donation! We really appreciate it!

    @Ernie- Still having email problems, but hopefully that email is coming this week. 😉

    @Ernie @alan @Svet- We already have 134 t-shirts donated!!!!!!

  • erniebeek

    :-0 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll get it to work.

    Also do you keep us posted on the number of shirts or can we find the ‘score’ somewhere?

  • 8 more for the well

  • @ernie- We track the number of t-shirts submitted internally, but we are eventually* hoping to have a feature that lets you guys track charity projects. After we raise money for the Ayder well, we will probably start another charity project in a month or so.

    *This asterisk means I have no idea when something like this would be live.

    @Sean- THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • Patrick

    Just put 15 on the pile 🙂

  • 20 Shirts donated tonight.

  • Petr Prikryl

    Possibly, it could be a good idea to add another “size of the shirt” in the combo box with the text “Donate to charity”. (+3 sent 😉

  • @Patrick, Petr & Jason- THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! You are awesome!!!!!!

  • Hi All,

    I Wish you guys could just provide a button “Donate”. I am super lazy when it comes to do things which I believe can be easily achieved by a piece of code.


  • erniebeek

    But you did donate, did you?

  • What do you think? :-/

  • modus_operandi

    Ms Prentice,

    Any chance we can get a tally of shirts donated to date?


  • David H.

    If there was a progress page (similar to what wikipedia does) then I’m sure you’d get more followers in the cause.

  • Joe Winograd

    Awesome idea! My next t-shirts are coming your way. Regards, Joe

  • I have 27, but it would take a lot of time to do it one by one. Could you just put a “Donate all to Charity” button?

  • 14 more on the way! 🙂

  • Hey everyone! Great news! The official t-shirt count is up to 210! We just sent out an email to let people know about the Charity Challenge today, so hopefully we’ll have all 500 in no time!!!

    @Chinmay- I agree with you that the process to donate shirts is rather cumbersome, and I apologize for that. I will put a suggestion in to create the “Donate” button, but unfortunately, I can’t say if/when that would be implemented. For now, please know that we REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate you taking the time to redeem each shirt individually.

    Thank you everyone for participating!

  • billprew


  • logudotcom

    Good thought of EE…

  • Jim Dettman

    Another 6….


  • @David H- Great suggestion!

    @Joe Winograd @Kevin @billprew @Jim Dettman- THANKS SO MUCH!

    @logudotcom- Glad you like the idea!

    @Jaime- I am sorry that the redemption process is so cumbersome. I have put in a suggestion to try to improve it, but I can’t say when/if that project will be implemented. For now, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to redeem/donate you shirts individually.

  • erniebeek

    For those complaining about a ‘donate all’ button or it’s ‘a lot of work donating’……..

    COME ON!!!!!!

    This is charity, make an effort! We don’t have to walk half a day or more to donate our shirts (as they need to do to get some water we wouldn’t even think of drinking). And you’re complaining because it’s so hard to donate?

    Just give me your username and password and I’ll donate them for you (and of course post a lot of positive feedback on my own articles in your names so I get more t-shirts I can donate 😉

  • I didn’t have any trouble, but ya think about those who are donating more than 5 Tees. I am sure they will go through that ’cause they care and they believe in doing the right thing. Also I was wondering, how about if donations are not meeting the requirements, people could donate via other means[credit cards/paypal].

  • LOL!! Thumbs up erniebeek!!! 😛 I was not really complaining … I swear[Grrr I dont like to go defensive… ] but really I was thinking that some might just not donate ’cause of the process. I believe in enabling people to do the right things. You make it easier and you ensure larger particpation rate 🙂

  • erniebeek

    I know Chinmay, it was a bit of a hassle to donate all those shirts 🙂
    Though I saw billprew did 35 :-~

    That why I posted so I might give people that little push to donate despite of the process. And like I said, that’s charity. People making an effort (going through the redeem process a dozen time) to help others.
    But then again I’m sure that while complaining, people will still donate 😉

  • Not that I am at all shocked, but in only 3.5 weeks, you guys and a few other members of the Expert community have not only MET, but EXCEEDED, the 500 t-shirt donations we needed to build the well in the Ayder region of Ethiopia.

    I’ll be sending out a personal email to each of you to say thanks later today and give you a few more details on how many shirts were donated and who participated, but I wanted to let the folks who have been participating in this comment thread know first.

    YOU FOLKS ARE AWESOME! I thank you. EE thanks you and most importantly, the people in the Ayder village of Ethiopia thank you!

  • erniebeek


    *Sounds of standing ovation*

    So can’t we just continue for a second well?

  • Kyle

    Start up another well!

  • @Erniebeek @kyle We are planning to do another charity challenge later this year. Right now, you folks can work to build up your t-shirt bank 😉

    Thank you both for all you do for EE!

    • Joe Winograd

      Is there an expiration date on earned shirts? In other words, if we leave the earned shirts in our account waiting for the next charity challenge, is there a risk that they won’t be there when we want to donate them? Thanks, Joe

  • erniebeek

    Allready working on that 🙂
    Awaiting the next challenge.