Chicago MeetUp: Small Turnout, Big Success */?> Chicago MeetUp: Small Turnout, Big Success

Posted by · November 22, 2011 10:22 am

Last Thursday, Marketing Coordinator Matt Stanford and Site Administrator Jason Levine met in Chicago to host a MeetUp for local Experts Exchange users. For the past several months, EE has been hosting MeetUps in major cities across the country in order to engage users in a more personal way, as well as thank them for being a part of the site and provide a place for members to network with each other.

They had about half of those who RSVP’d for the event make it out to The Fifty/50 on Thursday night, a little less than past MeetUps. However, with winter just beginning to take hold out in the Midwest, it made sense that some invitees probably just decided to head home after a long workday.

Nonetheless, despite the smaller-than-expected turnout, the quality of engagement among those in attendance made the night a huge success. According to Levine, who has helped host several past MeetUps, those in attendance took to each other with comparatively little effort needed on the part of the hosts.

During the event, Levine and Stanford had the opportunity to find out how long attendees have been using EE, as well as what feature—searching or asking—they use most when in need of a solution. The duo also had a chance to let attendees know that Experts Exchange v.10 is coming next January, complete with a brand new EE store and a job board feature. With the job market the way that it is, Experts looking for more work were particularly excited to hear about the upcoming job board.

Finally, as a special treat, former EE Marketing Coordinator Natalie Kuhn made an appearance. Kuhn recently left the company to live life in the windy city and work for an ad agency downtown.

As for the next MeetUp, EE will be taking a break for the month of December. Well, sort of. With the holidays fast approaching and EE v.10 going live in January, the staff is going to be plenty busy for the next couple months. However, the plan is to hit the ground running when MeetUps resume next year.

Where will we be going next? It could be to a city near you!