Check Out What’s Happening in the Experts Exchange Community */?> Check Out What’s Happening in the Experts Exchange Community

Posted by · July 5, 2017 10:29 am

Things here at Experts Exchange are always evolving and lately, community engagement has been high! After speaking with our Director of Quality Assurance & Community Relations, Craig Kehler, we’re excited to share the latest community updates.

With many new products and features on-site, such as Post, Anonymous Questions, and our Course of the Month program, we’ve been seeing increases in on-site traffic and questions asked.

Since the start of this year, there’s been a 13% increase in questions asked on site overall. When comparing the month of June 2016 to June 2017, we’ve seen a 26% increase in questions asked year to year. More questions on site boosts our site’s overall traffic, while serving as an excellent indicator of site and community health.


Additionally, our user base has steadily increased this year. We’ve seen a 22% increase in new users in 2017 and a 38% increase in new users in the month of June alone, when compared to last year’s data.

New Users:

The good news does not stop with new users. Our returning user base has seen steady increases as well. This year, we’ve seen a 32% increase in returning users. In June 2017, we saw a 51% increase in returning users to our site.

Returning Users:


Altogether, our community’s health has been on the rise. With an overall 26% lift in site traffic this year, we’re happy to see that our new features and products have been received so well by our tech community. Apparently our statistics are not the only source of good news, as our Alexa ranking has risen 491 points to a Global rank of 3,280 as of June 30th!


We’re happy to continue providing a community and online space for tech enthusiasts, novices, and experts to ask, learn, and help one another. Thank you for investing your time and expertise into Experts Exchange. Check back for upcoming updates as we continue to enhance our community’s experience!