How to create explainer videos and save $20,000

Posted by · November 7, 2013 12:49 pm

youtubescreenWhile YouTube might make it look easy, creating and editing a video can be harder than you think. Experts Exchange community member greenerpastures wanted to create a cartoon-like educational video using Apple Keynote:

“Could someone point me which tools I can use to accomplish this on a Mac? Can this be done using Apple Keynotes? I am proficient in using Keynotes, and do not have Final Cut Pro software.”

Web development wizard padas chimed in with a detailed list of what needed to be done to accomplish the project but warned greenerpastures that the project was fairly complex.

“Turn the camera on and keep it rolling. The rest is done in post. Speeding up, zoom.  The sound and sound effects are done in editing…This is one of those things that looks easy but is more complex than you think. It would be very easy to plunk down 50 hrs and a few grand of out of pocket money to do this on your own,” padas said.

Padas went on to explain how greenerpastures could use Keynote to create drawings as one off’s, then use animation software to make a flip book. Ultimately, however, he suggested that greenerpastures get a few outsourced bids on the project and gave him a list of video production companies to talk to about the project.

A few days—and a few price quotes—later, padas and greenerpastures talked again. This time, padas gave greenerpastures the name of a website that allows users to produce their own business video in 30 minutes or less. Greenerpastures gave it a try, successfully produced the video he wanted and saved close to $20,000 in the process.

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    video editing is one of the most typical/complicated step in my views, but if it is done effectively and efficiently it can raise the value of the video infinite times high and will give better results in explainer video production

    Explainer Video Production

  • This is very interesting and OK for a small company with tight budget. However, if you want to have a kick-ass explaiener video you have to reach professional companies. At least you have to hire a freelance scripts writer and find a cool motion graphics animation studio. You better also be careful that they are providing an unique design and high quality animation.

  • How can I save $20.000?