Creating SSIS lookups to conditionally prevent data from inserting into a database

Posted by · December 16, 2013 8:36 am

accepted solutionWhen they’re not drinking beers at Karaoke Night at PASS Summit 2012, SQL Server Geniuses jimhorn (USA-Minnesota) and ValentinoV (Belgium-Namur Area) occasionally collaborate on SQL Server BI Solutions.

Expert spen_lang posted a question in the SQL Server 2008 zone on How to create SSIS Lookups to conditionally prevent data from being inserted into a database.    jimhorn directly answered the question, which ultimately led to an SSIS design clinic by jimhorn and ValentinoV on how to handle rows that fail custom validations.

The question covered many SSIS topics: the use of Row Count and Conditional Split transforms and variables, separate validation vs. insert operations, the batch nature of SSIS data flows, the use of staging tables, and email to notify clients of the bad rows.

Expert spen_lang was able to support the contributing experts in his question by stating requirements clearly, answering all follow-up questions, and even providing screen shots.

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