DCIM tool dRACKula adds new devices, functionality */?> DCIM tool dRACKula adds new devices, functionality

Posted by · January 3, 2013 10:06 am

Datacenter management web app by Experts ExchangeLast October the folks from Experts Exchange introduced dRACKula, a new datacenter management web app created by sys admins, for sys admins.

While dRACKula is still in beta (you can try managing one rack for free), the tool is getting less beta every day. Our team has been improving functionality, fixing bugs and adding new features. Here’s a snapshot of what’s new from the past few months.

Device Manufacturer and Model Updates

To date, we’ve added photo-realistic images for 90 manufacturers’ devices, making a total of 484 data center devices you can choose from our library. We’re adding new devices every week, so if you have a list of devices you’d like added to dRACKula please contact our team.

Here are a couple manufacturers added in the past few months:

  • Avocent
  • Allied Telesis
  • Brocade
  • Cisco
  • EMC
  • F5

“Add your own device” functionality

While our list of devices continues to grow, we know chances are you have a device that we haven’t added to our library yet. We’ve added a combo box to the manufacturer and model options (it appears when you are adding a physical device). Start typing the device manufacturer or model in the combo box and if we have it on file, it will auto populate. If not, you can create a generic placeholder; you may also submit your device details and our team will be notified to create new faceplate art.

Drag and Drop Racking

We’ve added a number of new features, including a Device Tree tab from which you can drag rackmount devices on to your server rack. The feature is currently only available for live racks; it will be available for prototypes soon.

Rack Diff Manager

One of the cool features in dRACKula is the ability to prototype new rack designs without being constricted to available devices. The Rack Diff Manager allows you to compare a prototyped rack to a live rack and produces a changelog based on the differences. New functionality will allow users to save or delete rack diffs and add/reorder/check off tasks.

Mobile updates and more

At launch, the mobile interface was read only: we’ve now added the capability to rack, move and unrack a device, plus edit PDU, switch and connection configurations.

Additional features enhancements include:

  • Module support to prototype rack
  • User management controls (for paid users)
  • Support for cloning/copying blade devices as prototypes
  • Updated tutorial

Bug Fixes and Known Issues

You can see all known bugs, fixes and feature requests on the dRACKula help page. Also, be sure to let us know if you have any feature requests of your own. A few items fixed this month:

  • Rack diff not showing PDU & Switch diffs
  • Cloning/copying fixes
  • Added form validation on unique names
  • Fixed form validation when adding prototypes to “Add a Rack”

Ready to rule your racks?

You can learn more about dRACKula by visiting our Experts Exchange product feature page, or go to the official site at www.drackula.net for more information. Premium membership starts at $199 a month—manage more servers and get secure, dedicated service, plus a personalized subdomain.

Be sure to follow dRACKula on Twitter @drackapp and become a fan on Facebook www.facebook.com/drackapp.