Deltina Hay: Bootstrapper and Leader in Tech */?> Deltina Hay: Bootstrapper and Leader in Tech

Posted by · September 10, 2012 9:08 am

Expert Deltina Hay lent us her vast knowledge and experience in blog management this year, authoring beginner and intermediate WordPress tutorials on Experts Exchange, with the advanced set of tutorials forthcoming. She touts the benefits of WordPress above all other blogging platforms.

“WordPress has evolved into a sophisticated content management system (CMS), capable of powering any type of website, “she explains. “Developers have contributed WordPress plugins that can achieve just about anything one can imagine.”
Her mastery of technology doesn’t stop at blogging. Deltina is an acclaimed author and lecturer in all things regarding inbound marketing and Web 2.0, not to mention she raised her son as a single parent since she was 18. She recently published her fourth book, The Bootstrapper’s Guide to Mobile Web, and has published others on social media and search engine optimization. In her next book, she’ll discuss “new search optimization”, which focuses on how social media and the mobile web have changed the way people use the Internet. Her publications convey her enthusiasm about spreading information on helping people adapt to the accelerated changes the Internet goes through, and her concepts of Web 2.0 have garnered her recognition as a leading authority on how to succeed in our present social environment.

“I think of Web 2.0 as the next generation of the Internet that allows people to easily collaborate, interact, and share information online. This change was made possible by social media platforms making their functionality and information easily accessible to other platforms using RSS feeds, APIs, widgets, and plugins,” Deltina says.

She conjectures that Web 3.0 is on the horizon and will center around how information is accessed, giving examples such as semantic web, Linked Open Data, cloud computing, relevance engines, contextual search, and personalization: “These are all about how information is accessed, how it is connected and organized, and how we—as techies—can make the search process easier and more efficient for the end user.”

Deltina has been immersed in web development since her days in college. Despite some run-ins with gender discrimination, she established a foundation for her future career in tech. She studied science and was exposed to the Internet (right as it became popular) when she was a graduate student in the 90s.

“After college, the Internet seemed a natural way for me to apply my programming skills and business experience,” she says.

She observes that at that time, everything was very open-source, but it went away with the tech boom when big companies started taking over the Internet. Put off by the commercialization, she instead focused on publishing. Years later in 2005, she noticed the web coming full-circle and discovered blogging.

“This led me to discover many more collaborative, open source platforms like social bookmarking, image and video sharing, and eventually social networking. It seemed that open-source had taken the Internet back by way of social media!”

According to Deltina, The Bootstrapper’s Guide to Mobile Web will help mainstream businesses achieve fast, effective results on creating a mobile web experience for their users without getting bogged down by advanced programming languages or complicated web design. In her opinion, mobile web is the current place to be, and businesses must keep moving forward in this technology, or they will suffer.

“Smartphones and tablets are revolutionizing the Internet and how intelligent companies do business,” she says. “If your customers can’t find you on the mobile web, you might as well not exist.”