Doing SEO or Doing Real Company Stuff

Posted by · July 31, 2012 5:00 am

Like the Experts Exchange team, most folks at the 2012 MozCon conference in Seattle this past week are trying to find their way in a post Google Panda/Penguin era. Professional SEOers are continually at the mercy of 50+ Google algorithm changes every 4-6 weeks. SEOers spent much of the last year coming to terms with the fact that the minimal effort, maximum reward approach of running their businesses is over. Sole dependence on SEO is absolutely over. Now we all have to build and operate companies the old fashioned way: by doing what MozCon speaker and SEO consultant Wil Reynolds calls “real company stuff” or “RCS.”

Over the past few years Experts Exchange has committed to RCS by engaging with our customers and finding reliable partners. We completely rebuilt our website, developing well-vetted features driven both internally and by our customers. We made the commitment to original content development and began telling the stories of our customers, experts, and ourselves; in the process we’ve launched the highest frequency of marketing campaigns in Experts Exchange’s history. We’ve even sponsored an event or two. Our social media engagement has expanded rapidly, and we’ve engaged in many public discussions regarding Experts Exchange and otherwise. We’ve nurtured our company blog. The learning curve has been steep and we’ve failed from time to time. But we’ve also had a number of successes we’ll build upon.

There’s no silver bullet moving away from Google, but for many older internet companies – it’s better late than never. Experts Exchange came of age in the search engine era. Google will always be an important part of our business, but we’ve decided to operate managing them as a fraction of our effort while focusing on improving Experts Exchange as a service. Here’s what we intend to do:

Delivering Real Value to Customers, Often

Experts Exchange has become committed to developing features to improve the core offering to our premium service members on a quarterly basis. We will deliver features and content that address our customer needs. A big component of this is expanding EE outside of Q&A, and you’ve seen glimpses of this in articles, webinars, and tutorials, but expect much more to come.

Speaking to Real Customers

We know our customers are predominantly consultants, small business owners, and employees at large enterprise-level companies. Experts Exchange has historically suffered from “product ambiguity” and a challenge is developing a crisp message that speaks to all of our customers. We have a few ideas in the works which you’ll see in the next several months.

Real Customer Service

Experts Exchange has become committed to top-tier customer service. We are completely committed to providing and continually improving our customer experiences both offsite and onsite.

Real Experts

With our new MVE program, featuring our experts at our upcoming TEDx event, our expert charity campaigns, sponsored meet-ups, and more expert-centric features (think: additional expert ranks, coming soon) we’ll continue to make Experts Exchange the best place for experts on the web.

We’ve said it before, but we’re happy to say it again: Tech has changed, and so have we.  Perhaps this is your first time back to Experts Exchange in quite a while or maybe you’re one of our most loyal members.  Either way, come on in and stay awhile.  We think you’ll see some real improvements.