Don’t Let Security Grinches Ruin Your Christmas */?> Don’t Let Security Grinches Ruin Your Christmas

Posted by · December 3, 2015 7:30 am

You are having a holly jolly Christmas, but then you realize your network is being attacked! You’ve got important data on your customers and the Grinches are descending. Take these important steps to save Christmas before the Grinch can steal it.

According to a recent report most companies thought they would be hacked in 2015. The survey showed that 52% of respondents felt a successful attack against them would happen in 2015, up from 39% in 2014. Even further alarming is that 71% of them admitted that they were already victims to successful cyber attacks.

Conceptual Security Illustration of a Flat StyleThere are a few proactive practices that can help you keep the Grinch on top of the mountain: patching software vulnerabilities, writing secure code, hardening your systems, and implementing strong access controls.

You may also consider hiring a company that specializes in application security to review your application code for common vulnerabilities or installing an application layer firewall in front of web-facing applications.

Often, the weakest link in security is human error, and unfortunately it can lead to the Grinch being successful. If you put procedures in place to train your employees, contractors and third party vendors on their security responsibilities and data protection practices, you may make your customers hearts grow three times bigger. As long as your customers are happy, who needs to invite the Grinch over for dinner?

Use Experts Exchange as a resource to keep these grinches at bay. Stay one step ahead and consult your peers as you look to plug holes during the holiday season and beyond. It would be awful to have to miss your company holiday party because of a patch build. After all, you don’t want to miss your CEO’s annual rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock”.