dRACKula DCIM update: Introducing the lease schedule manager

Posted by · April 25, 2013 11:34 am

A datacenter management tool that doesn't bite.The System Administrators at Experts Exchange continue to develop dRACKula, a new datacenter management web app created as an alternative to Visio. You can try it for yourself and manage one rack 100% free, or check out our Experts Exchange dRACKula page for more information.

Our team has been improving functionality, fixing bugs and adding new features. Here’s a snapshot of what’s new from the past few months.

NEW: Manage lease schedules and ledgers

We’ve updated our reporting tools to include the ability to manage lease schedules, ledgers and asset lifecycles. With our new Assets tab you can create reports on lease end/purchase EOL and retired equipment for your accounting department and management team (lease schedule management is only available with your premium membership to dRACKula).

Notifications and alerts

Also with a premium membership you can now set your dRACKula account to receive notifications and alerts. Notifications and warnings will appear at the bottom of your dRACKula account.

Device size support, mapping and more

Along with our new lease schedules and device copying features, we’ve also introduced the following major updates to dRACKula recently:

  • Visual mapping of connections (power & ports)
  • Support for short width (mini) devices
  • Support for devices with multiple heads (e.g. NetApp)
  • Ability to copy existing device and add it as a new device

Device manufacturer and model updates

To date, we’ve added photo-realistic images for 156 manufacturers’ devices, making a total of 887 data center devices you can choose from our library. We’re adding new devices every week, so if you have a list of devices you’d like added to dRACKula please contact our team.

Recently we’ve added quite a few devices from Dell, ShoreTel, HP and Cisco. Here are a few of our more popular device requests that are now available:

  • Apple Mac Mini Server
  • IBM Blade Center S
  • Dell PowerEdge (multiple models)
  • Cisco Catalyst

Bug fixes and known issues

We’ve recently fixed our prototyped racks to include the new features available for live racks. You can see all known bugs, fixes and feature requests on our help page. Also, be sure to let us know if you have any feature requests of your own.

More racks, dedicated service

Ready to rule your racks? Open a premium dRACKula account to get full access to the crypt. Premium membership starts at $199 a month—manage more servers and get secure, dedicated service, plus a personalized subdomain.