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Datacenter Management is (un)Dead Simple with dRACKula

Posted by · December 6, 2012 2:45 am

According to a recent EE survey, more than half of all system administrators still use Microsoft Visio and Excel as their primary tools for datacenter management. And while Visio is great for flowcharts, it’s a less-than-adequate option for managing servers.

The system administrators at Experts Exchange figured there had to be a better solution, and so they created their own web app to manage server racks.

dRACKula (which stands for “datacenter rack utilization and locator application”) provides a photo-realistic view of your servers, reduces the time spent managing a datacenter and eliminates the frustration of using tools like Microsoft Visio and Excel. It also costs a fraction compared to bloated DCIM software packages while providing the ability to update and track live racks, switches, PDUs and devices anywhere with a smartphone or tablet.

Datacenter Management for Sys Admins, by Sys Admins

Datacenter management web app by Experts ExchangeConceptualized by system administrators who were tired of losing productivity to outdated server management tools, dRACKula allows users to design racks in the app without being constrained to available live devices.  When you want to perform updates, just clone an existing rack to experiment with new configurations.  On your way to a co-location to perform some maintenance? Grab your smartphone or tablet and prototype new configurations in the app without impacting live machines. Once you arrive at the colo, simply compare your prototyped rack to a live rack and generate a changelog for efficient on-site updates. If your updates look good, use Promote to Live to switch to your new view with one click.

dRACKula lead designer (and Experts Exchange system administrator) Immanuel Phillips says the simplicity of the app is what he’s most proud of:

“Features like Promote to Live make switching to a new view as easy as clicking a button,” Phillips says. “Still, as a system administrator myself I realize that there are times when you have to roll things back. dRACKula saves your database and creates a rack history to enable rollbacks when required.”

Feature-Rich Datacenter Management

In addition to on-the-go rack management and prototyping new configurations, dRACKula allows system administrators to create task lists for rack updates, track user revisions and manage asset lease schedules.  Detailed server rack overviews and datacenter maps with valuable reports can also be generated for your personal use—or to impress your boss.

“After years of creating Visio diagrams of our servers and taking printouts to our co-location facilities, we knew there had to be a better solution to server management,” continues Phillips. “We designed dRACKula to do all the things system administrators need to do on a daily basis.”

dRACKula offers every user secure datacenter management.  The web app is free to try; pricing starts at $49 per month and varies depending on the number of racks you’d like to manage.  Customers managing more than one rack will receive secure, dedicated service and a personalize domain.

You can learn more about dRACKula by visiting our Experts Exchange product feature page, or go to the official site at www.drackula.net for more information. Also, be sure to follow dRACKula on Twitter @drackapp and become a fan on Facebook www.facebook.com/drackapp.

A photo-realistic view of your datacenter.Prototype new datacenter configurations