EE Experts Change the World In Four Weeks Or Less

Posted by · March 7, 2012 2:25 pm

If you’ve been a member of the Experts Exchange community for any length of time, you know that the experts on the site can solve your technology problem in 45 minutes or less; but what you probably don’t know is that they can also change the world–or at least the lives of people in Ethiopia–in a matter of weeks.

We first announced the second Experts Exchange Charity Challenge on the company blog on January 31st.  We needed 500 t-shirts in order to build a clean, sustainable water well in the Ayder Village of Ethiopia. (In 2010, we issued a similar challenge and the Experts Exchange community and staff members worked together to build a well in the Hidale School District and the Gerebmukrats Village of Ethiopia.)   Within the first two weeks of announcing the second Charity Challenge–before we were even able to send an email out to the experts–we had received over 150 t-shirt donations!  By February 27th–only three and a half weeks after the challenge was issued–we had over 500 t-shirts donated.

As of today, the expert community has donated 579 t-shirts to help bring clean water to the people of the Ayder Village in Ethiopia! GOAL REACHED!

To build our third well, we’ll be partnering with WaterRun, the same organization we worked with to build the first two wells. When I told WaterRun founder Ryan Broersma that the expert community had exceeded the t-shirt goal and thus the well was funded, he asked me to pass along this message:

“We are so happy that the Experts Exchange community has embraced the WaterRun cause so strongly again. Because of their generosity the new water well in Ayder, Ethiopia will give safe clean drinking water to over 400 people in need. Thank you so much for your support and help in making it happen.”

On behalf of the folks at the Experts Exchange corporate office, I echo Ryan’s thank you.  Specifically, I’d like to thank the following experts who so generously donated their hard-earned rank t-shirts to the cause:

bhess1, emoreau, jcimarron, mplungjan, SysExpert, DarrenD, JDettman, billprew, Akhater, dragon-it, Callandor, Merete, hdhondt, fibo, easynow111, MikeKane, pepr, fyed, peter57r, sdstuber, sjef_bosman, Idle_Mind, ElrondCT, jpaulino, Sancler, willcomp, SidFishes, DanCh99, jogos, matthewspatrick, mwvisa1, Runrigger, teylyn, mikebernhardt, jacko72, sigurarm, Qlemo, babuno5, jason1178, giltjr, Chinmay_Patel, keith_alabaster, younghv, rorya, Run5k, RobSampson, skrile, fgrushevsky, kevinhsieh, mattdnguyen, tangchunfeng, alanhardisty, ioanton, Spaperov, leakim971, hades666, mattclarified, als315, Mac2010, SubversiveArmadillo, joewinograd, erniebeek, ivan_vagunin, footech.

Some of you have asked whether we’ll be issuing another challenge in the future.  I think it’s safe to say that you should start earning those ranks and saving those t-shirts. As long as there are people in need of clean drinking water around the world, there will always be more Experts Exchange Charity Challenges.