EE’s Top Expert Pens Series of VMware for Beginners Articles

Posted by · August 16, 2013 11:52 am


The man. The crown jewel of EE. An immovable pillar of patience. These are just a few of the names that Experts Exchange community members have bestowed upon Andrew Hancock (known on the site as hanccocka). While Andrew joined Experts Exchange in 2003, he didn’t start answering questions regularly until 2010; and three years later, he cannot be stopped.

After winning the Expert of the Year, Juggernaut and Ally awards in 2011 and 2012 as well as last year’s Titan and Scribe awards, Andrew is well on his way to another award winning year. The 2.5 million points he’s earned so far in 2013 are in a variety of topic areas, but he’s most passionate about VMware and Virtualization. In fact, his latest series of articles (he’s written over 30 of them) focus on helping “VMware newbies,” as he calls them, understand how to install and use VMware software and services.

“After answering questions on Experts Exchange, I quickly noticed the need for a basic series of VMware articles for the newbie, from common questions that were raised on a weekly basis,” Andrew says.  “Some IT users do not have the funding available to take certified expensive VMware courses, and I’m hoping my VMware Series will plug that gap. As a VMware vExpert I need to encourage and look after VMware newbies, in the hope one day, they will also become a VMware vExpert.”

Andrew is the first to admit that writing articles takes a little longer than answering questions but says that the amount of detail—and thus assistance—he can provide in one article makes the time and effort worth it:

“Answering questions is great because you get to interact with and learn from different EE members who have different levels of VMware/Virtualisation skills. Plus, answering question is much faster. However, I like to fill EE’s article database with detailed answers to common questions. That way I can link to my articles when I answer questions.”

Indeed, Experts Exchange articles provide a way for experts to go in-depth about a certain technology topic, share best practices, tips and tricks or review a product. While writing an article—which must have a minimum of 300 words—can be more time consuming than answering questions, the potential reward is also much greater. One well-written article can earn unlimited points (10,000 points for being published and receiving various accolades as well as 50 points per helpful vote).

So, what are Andrew’s tips for penning a well-written article?

“Know your subject matter well. Use screenshots and pictures. Draft your article first, and make sure it has a start, middle and end. If you need assistance, contact the page editors or me for advice.”

Wise words from a man who definitely knows what he’s talking about.

Want to write an article on Experts Exchange but not sure where to start? Check out the Article Guidelines link in the top right corner of the Article Wizard or email EE Content Manager Jenn Prentice at jenn (at) experts (dash) exchange (dot) com.