EEv10 Goes Live Today! Guess the Time and Win a T-Shirt

Posted by · January 31, 2012 12:16 pm

Update: EE v10 is officially live as of 6:01 p.m. Pacific time on January 31,2012 (earlier than we thought)! We’ll announce the contest winner soon.

The new version of Experts Exchange goes live today! Naturally, we’re very excited. The site will be down to make the switch this afternoon…give us your best guess of what time (Pacific) you think the new site will be live. If you guess right, you’ll win an EE v10 t-shirt.

To enter, all we ask is that you share the link to this blog post ( and include the hashtag #EEv10. Here’s an example of what a tweet might look like:

#EEv10 goes live today! My guess? 11:03 pm. Guess & U could win a shirt. @ExpertsExchange

Creativity is encouraged, but it won’t improve your chances of winning.

Everyone over 18 is welcome to participate where it’s not prohibited; the contest starts now and goes until we’re live. If multiple entrants choose the correct time we will select the first to enter as the tiebreaker. Good luck!

Experts Exchange v10 Videos

  • Site Administrator Jason Levine contrasts Experts Exchange with other online forums [VIDEO]
  • Senior Administrator Eric Peterson talks about the uniqueness of our volunteer community. [VIDEO]
  • Creative Director Mark Barbir talks about the EE story and how EE v10 will help explain Experts Exchange like never before. [VIDEO]
  • Lead Designer Peter Uzzi talks about what users can expect to see in the new design and how the content management system has helped facilitate a better frontend process. [VIDEO]
  • Lead Engineer Michael Spencer talks about how the custom-built component system that EE v10 is built upon helps make the site easier to maintain. [VIDEO]

More EE v10 Information

Podcast: Mark and Site Administrator Jason Levine discuss the new version of Experts Exchange and share a few do’s and don’ts for relaunching your website.

Beta Info Page: Watch the full introduction video.

Blog: Sure, if you’re reading this you’re on the blog already. But our newly-launched EE Tech News and company blogs are a sneak peek at what the new Experts Exchange. Why not take a look around?