EEv10: Two Months After Launch */?> EEv10: Two Months After Launch

Posted by · April 10, 2012 4:18 pm

It’s been a little over two months since the brand-new version of Experts Exchange went live, and after some initial bumps (which are to be expected when you’re migrating a few million pages), things have stabilized. We’re pretty happy with how EE v10 has turned out so far, and have appreciated the feedback from our users.

We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to review the new site and send their thoughts and comments. Our team reads every suggestion, prioritizes it accordingly and has been working diligently to fix bugs and make sure Experts Exchange meets the needs of all users.

Yeah, but how is it performing?

Now that we’ve got a full two months of data under our belt, we’re pleased to share some positive results in key site metrics.*


User participation is up on both the asker and expert sides. Questions asked have increased by 12% while Expert comments are up 19%.

Hot Topic Areas

A number of technology topic areas have seen significant traffic increases since going live with the new version of the site. At the top of the list is Windows Server 2008, which has jumped 42% in daily unique visitors.

Tech Help on EE

New Sign Ups

New users are joining our tech community every day: in fact, sign-ups have increased a full 21% in the first two months since EE v10 has been live. Additionally, our free, limited access Community Membership option has been attracting some attention and has ballooned 163% over the previous site’s limited membership sign ups.

More SIgnups on EE


Early data indicates more users are sharing what they find on Experts Exchange, too. While Facebook has remained flat, Twitter and LinkedIn shares are up 32% and 82% respectively. And it looks like people still use their email: emailed links are up 158%.

More People Sharing Experts Exchange

Next: Mobile coming in Q2 of 2012

Our development team is closing in on a completely new mobile version of the site, which we anticipate going live in the next couple months. Here’s a video of the prototype in action.

Stay tuned for more screenshots and news about EE mobile.

*Averages based on one year of data prior to launching EE v10 and two months of data post launch. Excludes holiday windows, first two days of new site launch and all “other” and Community Support topic areas.