EEv10: Two Months After Launch

Posted by · April 10, 2012 4:18 pm

It’s been a little over two months since the brand-new version of Experts Exchange went live, and after some initial bumps (which are to be expected when you’re migrating a few million pages), things have stabilized. We’re pretty happy with how EE v10 has turned out so far, and have appreciated the feedback from our users.

We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to review the new site and send their thoughts and comments. Our team reads every suggestion, prioritizes it accordingly and has been working diligently to fix bugs and make sure Experts Exchange meets the needs of all users.

Yeah, but how is it performing?

Now that we’ve got a full two months of data under our belt, we’re pleased to share some positive results in key site metrics.*


User participation is up on both the asker and expert sides. Questions asked have increased by 12% while Expert comments are up 19%.

Hot Topic Areas

A number of technology topic areas have seen significant traffic increases since going live with the new version of the site. At the top of the list is Windows Server 2008, which has jumped 42% in daily unique visitors.

Tech Help on EE

New Sign Ups

New users are joining our tech community every day: in fact, sign-ups have increased a full 21% in the first two months since EE v10 has been live. Additionally, our free, limited access Community Membership option has been attracting some attention and has ballooned 163% over the previous site’s limited membership sign ups.

More SIgnups on EE


Early data indicates more users are sharing what they find on Experts Exchange, too. While Facebook has remained flat, Twitter and LinkedIn shares are up 32% and 82% respectively. And it looks like people still use their email: emailed links are up 158%.

More People Sharing Experts Exchange

Next: Mobile coming in Q2 of 2012

Our development team is closing in on a completely new mobile version of the site, which we anticipate going live in the next couple months. Here’s a video of the prototype in action.

Stay tuned for more screenshots and news about EE mobile.

*Averages based on one year of data prior to launching EE v10 and two months of data post launch. Excludes holiday windows, first two days of new site launch and all “other” and Community Support topic areas.

  • Shane

    The site is SLOW! It’s too white! The font is horrific! It’s too hard to find things – I understand the “want” to consolidate things, but that was done way to much. There is too much clicking now. Email responses are too white, too long (spacing), and the subject line of emails responses for questions I post are confusing. I’m more of a contributor than an ‘asker’, but occasional send a post for some help. Due to all the changes and the lack of response to suggestions to revert some things back, I will be discontinuing my “service” to EE. I don’t like the change from the colors, to the aesthetics, to the slowness. I will steer away folks from the site, as well, although I have to say the “contributors” (“experts” if you will) really know their stuff.

    I think the site needed revamped, but the changes were too drastic for your own good. I’m in Technology, so change is good, but this site overdid it…

  • Stephen Eyton-Jones

    I like Experts Exchange and have been a paying member for 7 years or more but I cannot understand how I can be denied the right to post a question simply because I have one abandoned question. I depend on EE after I have exhausted the web searches and have come to depend on it for a fast turnaround. About a week ago I went to post a new question and was guided to ask my question in the general category which I did not understand and ended up leaving the site more frustrated than when I came in and believe me that was frustrated. I depend on and pay for the right to post these questions and believe this backward policy requires a review.

  • Mark Wills


    I find it faster, and while I might prefer more contrast / color, being too white is not an issue (a few places I play in are all white – LinkedIn, SO and more).

    Yep it is most definitely different, and that did take a bit of getting used to, but not an impediment to what needs to be done. I far prefer the “workspace” navigation, and again, for me, the faster speed means the very long threads are much easier… Sure, there are a few bits still needing attention, but that is just a matter of time and doesnt bother me too much.

    It is a pity you have decided to discontinue your service, as you say, there are a lot of great experts and a strong sense of “community” – a community I am still proud to be part of even in v10 🙂


    I thought that “lockout” gave you a “heads up” email after three days, and then kicked-in in 14 days of no activity in a thread. Just needed to post a comment, or, close the question. Either way some activity on those older questions was all that is needed. So, you must have missed the emails maybe ? It is easy enough to happen, and stopping it from happening should be equally easy enough to address – simply post.

    Maybe it could have been explained a bit more – but I think that is what that first email is about. It is an automated system, so might seem more than a little impersonal (I dont actually know because it hasnt happened to me).

    Being automated, there is no harm, no foul from it, just need to be vigilant about some of the older questions that might be easy to overlook. And if still waiting for a response, then post a comment, and use that Request Attention button.

    It would be a pity if you let that experience jaundice your views, rather, think a moment about the good help that you have received over the past 7 years, and, can continue to receive.

    It is sad to see comminuty members be so disparaged by the changes, and not allow enough time for the changes to settle, in terms of both system and your own experiences. I for one believe they are for the better and have a slightly different outlook as a result.

    Of course it is entirely your right and your decision and what might be fine for me could well be quite different for you. I do hope that we do see you back and wish you both well.

    Kind Regards,

  • Syed Saqib Husain

    Here is a comment from the asker of question

    I expect the macro didn’t get past the firewall…never mind I have got it working the best I can so I will close the question and thank you for your efforts.

    I do not think this site is as clever as it used to be in its electronic handling…much slower and not so easy to move around but the experts are still good.

    The increase in traffic may have some other motive as well.

    Given the option, I would prefer to go back. One BBIIGG reason is the font. I would have at least expected to see a choice of fonts in this new version if someone was going to change it.

    A few features which have been added are good (modifying last comment,), i admit, but on the other a few good features have been withdrawn (asking a related question, screencast…this might be a reason for increase in experts’ comments).

    One good example of too many clicks is the user profile. It all used to be in one place and now you have to navigate to it…for some less used features you have to pull your hair trying to find where on earth it is.

    Accounts was and still is horrible. We, as experts, used to get incorrect points award. Although that seems to be corrected now, less than a week ago I got an email that I had not scored enough points this month to continue premium services; whereas I actually had about 90,000 points to my credit this month at that time. Shortly after that I got an email apologizing for that….someone must have complained to EE before I did.

    Eventually I would remark that probably a better reason I and other experts are still here can be picked up from the last bit of the text quoted above.

    That said, I would not hesitate to say that the basic concept of this website is marvelous. It is just the interface that is bothering. Ant this is not new to EE – the last time they made a major update some years ago there was an option to use the previous interface by using oldlook instead of www in the URL and I continued to use oldlook till it was available.


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  • Satsumo

    I agree with the many experts who say that the new site format has many flaws. Like so many site redesigns it seems to have been design before function before users. People point out usability problems consistently and nothing changes. Also while site wide metrics might show an increase, the areas I answer in most are like ghost towns.