Eight New Features Launching this Summer on Experts Exchange */?> Eight New Features Launching this Summer on Experts Exchange

Posted by · July 17, 2014 3:12 pm

This year, we have made a dramatic shift in our mission—from being the best technology help website to being a comprehensive network for technology professionals, dedicated to providing all the tools you need to power the growth and success of your technology career.  In May, we introduced a new brand and a new website, to better represent the evolution of the technology network. The redesign focused our community website around three key concepts: solve, learn, and network. Building upon this new structure, we are proud to introduce our plan to add new features to Experts Exchange this summer. In our latest webinar, Update to the 2014 Product Roadmap, our CEO, Brian Clausen, revealed new upgrades that will continue to make Experts Exchange more than just Q&A.

Updates to the points system.

In tandem with new features this summer, we are also making improvements to the “Expert” points system to make earning free Premium Member access easier than ever. Starting August 14th, all Experts Exchange members can earn free access if they submit a single video or article for publishing, or answer a couple of questions in a single month. The updated system quickly breaks down how points and Premium Member access are earned:

  • Receive one month of free Premium Member access if you:
    • earn 3,000 points in the previous month
    • earn 50,000 points in the previous 12 months
  • Or receive a lifetime of free Premium Member access if you:
    • earn 5,000,000 points in your lifetime

New features launching this summer.

  • Hire Me – connects members available for hire with those looking to hire a technology professional
  • Enhanced Profiles – share your expertise, experience and accomplishments in a single online profile
  • Member Search – discover members based on detailed search criteria
  • Video Micro Tutorials – quickly learn new skills with our library of hundreds of five-minute videos
  • News Feed – receive valuable content that is relevant to your professional career
  • Messages – communicate directly with other members on the site
  • Follow Me – receive content and activity from members you follow
  • Groups – learn from your network with topic-specific discussions

Want to learn more?

We have made the full webinar available on-demand for you to view. Listen as our CEO, Brian Clausen, speaks with the Experts Exchange community, previews upcoming features, unveils the new point system, and shares our priorities for 2015. Watch the webinar on-demand.