Expert Showdown: We have a winner!

Posted by · November 4, 2011 9:13 am

It was a valiant battle between our two Oracle experts last week in our first-ever head-to-head Expert Showdown. Both contestants fought hard, but the results are in and we have a winner:

The Champion: slightwv (aka: Steve Light)

Here’s how the points broke down:

  • slightwv: 89,972
  • sdstuber: 57,036

“It’s been a heck of a week. My prediction: Steve won,” said Stuber in an eerily prescient post last Friday. “I put in a lot of time and answered a lot of questions, but I stuck to my normal areas, just more of it. He went exploring in other zones and I think it extra work paid off. My goal was to try to keep up in questions and then surge ahead with articles.  Only problem was I only wrote 3 of them.”

Steve, for his part, went all in.

“If nothing else, it has been a VERY stressful/interesting week,” said the breathless champion as the final moments of the competition wound down last Friday night. “Right now, I don’t think I can say fun or not.  I’ll let ya know once I’ve come down a few thousand feet and am breathing ‘normal’ air.”

Perhaps the warm glow of winning will put you over the top, Bud.

Steve and Sean, thanks to both of you for playing…you’re both champions in our book.