Member Spotlight: Alexandre Simoes

Posted by · June 29, 2015 8:48 am


Alex (AlexCode) is a self-proclaimed geek. Having been around computers since he was eight, he is always up for the next challenge, which is why he moved to Switzerland from Portugal three years ago because he felt that Portugal was getting “too boring”. Plus, as an experienced IT consultant, the projects he could get in Switzerland would offer much better pay and experience.

As a lifelong learner, his time on Experts Exchange has helped him get involved with other people’s problems, acquiring knowledge that would be hard to get otherwise. JavaScript is his first love when it comes to development and his latest challenge is to port his knowledge into the SharePoint world. “The big challenge is to apply emerging front-end technologies, like AngularJS, in the SharePoint environment that was not designed for this kind of user experience. That’s where I put my hands on, coding and coaching teams and try to tame the beast.”

Alex taught himself to code when he was only ten, back when there were no search engines or YouTube tutorials. He was able to do this by referencing the Visual Basic command codes on the back page of his Timex Spectrum’s manual (this particular model was in fact only available in Portugal and Poland at the time). He would practice the code and come up with new commands by writing them down on sheets of paper. When his code had problems compiling, he figured out himself how to fix it. Unfortunately, not many of his relatives cared about computers, so he had limited access to books on the subject, and he regrets never being able to put his hands properly on Assembly.

Even though he loves coding, he also loves mechanical engineering, which he studied at university for three years before switching professionally to development. He decided that instead of finishing his degree, he would go for his Microsoft Certifications instead.

When Alex first came to Experts Exchange, he was impressed by their focus on quality over quantity. He also liked the organized system that the site offered. He made his start in the .NET mostly related to VB.Net topic areas. After participating for 11+ years, he’s struck out into C#, and everything front-end related – paying special attention to JavaScript related questions.

He says that for a lot of the questions he answers, he doesn’t actually know the answer going in. “What I like to do is come up with a Proof of Concept for the asker, and then we work together to figure out the problem after that.” By taking on these real world problems, Alex feels he’s better armed against the unknowns of his job, and he has the opportunity to learn to solve problems that he’s never encountered himself.

Living in Switzerland for the past few years, he’s become involved in many outdoor sports including skiing. This is the 3rd winter that he’s been skiing, and Alex finally feels confident on the more challenging courses. His girlfriend, who also works in technology, is a gamer and “geek” just like him. One of their favorites activities is 3rd person adventure video games. The Last of Us or Beyond Two Souls are among the games they loved playing together because it provides a lot of cinematics that they can watch together.

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