Member Spotlight: Kyle Hamilton

Posted by · December 1, 2014 11:50 am

In our December Expert Spotlight, we are proud to showcase Kyle Hamilton. With her name, she is often mistaken as a male, so naturally we started our discussion with what it’s like being a female in a male dominated field. Roughly 18% of women earn an undergraduate degree in computer science¹ and she is the only female software engineer in her office. Regardless, she is a woman who is setting the pace for females in engineering and loves what she does and her work environment.

Kyle works for, a startup whose mobile apps help families and their devices stay connected and safe. She is focused on the web portals that support their mobile apps. SnapOne has tracking software that can be installed on your child’s phone, which will detect when they are outside of a pre-defined zone. Kyle used the software when her daughter went camping overnight and was able to track and see where she was while on the trip.

Kyle’s Back Story

Meet Kyle Hamilton, CSS and Javascript Expert.

Meet Kyle Hamilton, CSS and Javascript Expert.

Kyle was born and raised in Poland. Her family moved to the United States when she was 10 years old because her father was invited to do research at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study. It was a huge cultural and language shift for her. She didn’t speak English yet, making for an interesting childhood. Both of her parents were mathematics professors, setting a foundation for her pursuit of software development, but she took a creative path into the field – she began as an artist. After graduating from the Cooper Union School of Art in 1994, she worked  as a web developer, it was a natural progression to move into graphic and web design after art school.

As she progressed, she found herself with the perfect blend of artistic skills and a strong interest in programming languages. She began to explore coding, pursued her computer science certificate, and started to gain knowledge in CSS and Javascript.

Her Experts Exchange Story

Kyle joined Experts Exchange the summer of 2010 because she had a question. She was able to find answers to her questions on the site and began her membership. She discovered huge benefits from asking  and answering questions. By answering other questions, she was learning more herself. Often someone else’s question is something she would not have experienced herself, or had yet to explore. This is a common theme for other experts as well – the questions themselves are also a learning tool.

As she continued to participate, she began to make friends with others in her areas of expertise. She reminisced about how much fun it was to compete with COBOLdinosaur and how much she valued the friendships and collaborations within the community.

Most of her Experts Exchange points were earned by answering CSS and Javascript questions, but she has several other technology topics she is also skilled in, including PHP, Java, Bash and Unix scripting. There is no doubt that she is a powerhouse of skills, maybe she’ll branch into these other areas on Experts Exchange as well. I was extremely impressed by her.

Kyle has continued to participate as a volunteer expert because she loves helping others and enjoys the friendships she’s made. She also loves the free t-shirts. We both agreed that the new shirts are great and she doesn’t mind having multiples, because she doesn’t really like to go shopping.

Something She Loves

Kyle’s husband is from Ireland and they have a cottage overlooking the ocean in Connemara, a district on the west side of Ireland. They travel there as often as they can, but wishes she could stay there indefinitely because it’s simply paradise. They were there in Christmas of 2013, hanging out by the sea and relaxed as a family.

She is also still very connected to her artistic roots, with her own studio space, and is often showing her work in galleries in New York and New Jersey. She also offers web design services on the side, check out her site here.

I enjoyed speaking to Kyle and I admire her diverse skill set and drive to help others. Stay tuned for other spotlights on our expert volunteers.

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